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Tyrant’s Law in Review

by Daniel Abraham

Well, so far, it’s looking pretty nice out there.


The Book Formerly Known as The Poison Sword

The Book Formerly Known as The Poison Sword

“Banking and ancient races, these are two of the main forces driving the narrative of the characters of and world events in Daniel Abraham’s The Tyrant’s Law. The novel is the third book of his series The Dagger and the Coin, and is further proof that Daniel is crafting what is arguably one of the finest long form epic stories of the 21st Century.” —

“The third novel in the Dagger and the Coin quintet (after The King’s Blood) undermines expectations in the most satisfying ways. This smart, absorbing, fascinating military fantasy, exciting and genuinely suspenseful, will keep readers on their toes.” — Publisher’s Weekly


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  1. I can’t remember looking forward to a book this much as an adult.

  2. Really realy really want to buy The Tyrant’s Law, but can’t find it n hard cover anywhere … My copies of The Dragon’s Path and The King’s Blood are both hard cover, so … can anyone help with my quest? I really really want to read this book and will sacrifice and buy PB if I must. please help.

    • The only hardcover editions of Dragon’s Path and King’s Blood that exist as far as I know were the Book Club editions.

      • That answers that question … so it’s off to amazon or bn for a PB. thanks so much … gotta have my cithrin and master kit!
        btw … thanks so much for a great series!

  3. This series is terrific. It has what so many fantasy novels lack – characters who are so real that we care about them and what happens to them.
    I keep seeing the series referred to as a “quintet” – does this mean the next book is the last we will see of Marcus, Cithrin, Yardem, Kit – well, I may as well just stop listing them, as there is no way I can decide which of them is my favorite. I cannot fathom seeing them go.

  4. I was in Barnes and Noble in Fairfax, VA and I noticed Tyrants Law on one of the display tables with the other highlighted books. It is nice to see that you have come far enough for your publisher to put some marketing behind your books and get them to the front of the store.

  5. Sssooooo … Just finished Tyrant’s Law — which, by the way, is NOT listed in the Dagger and the Coin series on your website — and wondered when the Widow’s House will be released?? And will it carry that name or will it, as with Tyrant’s Law, be renamed? Thanks!

    Yes, this eagerness indicates delight with this series 😉

  6. Finished Tyrant’s Law yesterday night. I loved it. It’s getting better and better.

  7. Any idea when Tyrant’s Law will be on Audible?

  8. In the back of the book it says to look out for The Widows House, I work in a library and patrons want to know when it will be published.