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The Wide World of Daniel Abraham Roundup Edition

by Daniel Abraham

So yeah.  There’s been a lot going on of late, professionally speaking.  So partly because I figured some folks might be interested and partly so I could see it all in one place, here’s the state of play right now:



"The harder I work, the luckier I get" -- Samuel Goldwyn

“The harder I work, the luckier I get” — Samuel Goldwyn

Graveyard Child by MLN Hanover came out last month. We’re in between contracts on that one, and I’ll share more news on it as it comes in.

The Tyrant’s Law by Daniel Abraham comes out in four days, and has already been spotted in the wild. The fourth book in that series (The Widow’s House) is nearing completion.

Abaddon’s Gate by James S A Corey comes out on June 4th. The fourth book in that series (Dave or possibly The Mysterious Fourth Book of Mystery, but probably something much better) is also within striking distance of done.

The as-yet-not-with-a-final-title Star Wars novel by James S A Corey will be out next year.

Balfour and Meriwether in the Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs by Daniel Abraham will be published as a stand-along chapbook in October.



Apex Magazine reprinted Hurt Me last month.

The first two Balfour & Meriwether stories are available on Snackreads.

Tor has made the Wild Cards story When We Were Heroes available as an ebook.

Dogs (the final version of The Dogs Project) comes out in Unfettered shortly.

The High King Dreaming will appear in Jonathan Strahan’s Fearsome Journeys anthology.

The Meaning of Love will appear in George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois’ Rogues anthology.

Also, James SA Corey’s short story A Man Without Honor will appear in George and Gardner’s Old Mars anthology.


I’ve been doing a bi-monthly column for Clarkesworld for about a year, most recently talking about grimdark and noir.

My piece on historical accuracy and fantasy was reprinted in Speculative Fiction 2012.

I’m doing this comic book gig on the side, and wrote an essay about it in Beyond the Wall.

I’ll be appearing at the Denver ComicCon, the Locus Awards weekend, San Diego ComicCon, Bubonicon, the Western Colorado Writer’s Forum, and I’ll be running a one-day workshop about plot structure and information control in Seattle in September through Clarion West.

So.  Like that.

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  1. How can you possibly manage to write that much? Some sort of cloning experiment?

  2. Wasn’t there another James S.A. Corey short published in an anthology recently?

    That really is a lot of work … I’m happy to be the beneficiary of it though (specifically very excited about The Tyrant’s Law and Abaddon’s Gate). Wee!

  3. I actually got butterflies in my stomach this morning when the pop-up reminder on my calendar appeared to remind me that Tyrant’s Law comes out tomorrow ;). I’ve been waiting patiently and now the waiting is almost over!

    Looking forward to meeting up with Geder, Marcus, Cithrin and Clara!

  4. How many books are you planning for the core part of the Expanse? For some reason I had thought it was a trilogy. Now I see there is a 4th one. I think Dagger and Coin is 5 right?

    Rather impressed that you are publishing 3 books a year in 3 different genres and still keeping the quality very high. My favorite thing about your writing is how your characters are regular people. Other authors will have maybe 1 everyman character. When I read your books, I see all your characters basically being the every man character. You are the first sci-fi/fantasy author that I have seen do this. I now find when I read other fantasy/sci-fi books wishing there characters were more every man characters. They don’t need to be supermen/superwomen.

    • There’s a joy to supermen and superwomen, but I find myself getting a little tired of them after a while. All the people I know and love are flawed.

      As far as The Expanse, Ty and I know the arc of the story, that the end of the story looks like, and the last sentence of the last book. What we can’t say is how many of the stories we’d like to tell are going to come along the way. Right now, we’re under contract through book 6, but if Orbit wants another trilogy after that, we can fit in books 7, 8, & 9 without any padding.

  5. I read somewhere that you plan a 10 book series for the Black Sun’s Daughter. Is this still the case?

  6. Daniel-
    How does one contact you directly? I’m a producer and manager…consider Hollywood knocking.

  7. Daniel,

    I just wanted to tell you that I am on the last few pages of “The Long Price Quartet” and it is absolutely brilliant! I really don’t want to finish because then it will be over. It’s one of, if not THE best-written, most moving fantasy series I have ever read, with characters whose fates I care about so deeply and a truly fascinating and unusual world that has become startlingly real to me over the course of the four books, with a special mention to your wonderful female characters, which is something that I find lacking in a great deal of fantasy literature. I have a lot of friends who are fans of George R. R. Martin and I am proselytizing “The Long Price Quartet” to them, because it has all the things I so love about Martin’s work, but it’s also finished.

    Can’t wait to start your next series soon!


  8. Daniel, Ty, wow: the Abrahanorey factory has given me my greatest reading pleasure for years, so thank you both. Does anyone have an ETA for Graveyard’s Child on Kindle? I could in theory go dead tree, but would rather not…

  9. That’s excellent – any idea on Graveyard Child for the Kindle?

  10. It was very strange. I had the Kindle edition on pre-order, but received nothing on the day of release – and when I checked, the pre-order had been cancelled, and all mention of the Kindle edition had disappeared.

  11. Just finished reading book 3 dagger and coin. Am desperate for more. Please can you advise kindle publishing time line for books 4 & 5?

    • We’re keeping pretty strictly to the one-book-per-year schedule on these. There’s always a little wiggle room, but I’m finishing the fourth Dagger & Coin right now, and expect to see it out next summer, and then the final volume the summer after that.

  12. That’s great news. I, too, think “The Dagger and the Coin” books are great! I’m not even a big fantasy fan, my preference is for hard core space opera like that written by James S.A. Corey, Alastair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton and Richard K. Morgan.
    I have been reading more fantasy lately, what with Morgan’s “No Land Fit For Heroes” series and loving “Game of Thrones.” (I read the books once I learned HBO was making the series and got through the first four before Season 1 aired.)

    But when I found out Corey was you and Franck I started checking out “The Dagger and the Coin” books and was immediately hooked. It’s nice to know there’s a planned schedule of one per year and not an interminable wait between volume. *cough* ASOIAF *cough*

  13. Argh. Daniel, I’m reading the Long Quartet at the moment and the Kindle versions don’t have the world map (I read the first one in the real world, so I know there is a map) and I can’t find an image via the Google. Any chance you have one handy or there’s a link buried in the blog that I’ve carelessly overlooked? Thanks!

  14. Finished reading the “Dagger and the Coin” trilogy back to back, they are fantastic!

    You mention next summer the 4th book in the series will be out “The Widows House”? It’s a little confusing of the timing of the release as I’m in Australia and we have only one season, that’s it’s summer! 😉

  15. I really enjoyed the black Suns daughter books and was wanting to know if there are anymore planned?

  16. Hi, loving your Black Son’s Daughter series but I’m struggling to find book 5, Graveyard Child, in digital format, is it only available is physical book format? I was hoping for a kindle version like the others I have.