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Lo, Denver Comicon

by Daniel Abraham

After a little excitement at the airport, I’ve arrived at the Denver Comicon.  I’m heading over now to check in and get my final schedule.  If y’all are nearby, I’m taking suggestions on the best restaurant by the convention center.




OK, I have my schedule.  It looks like I’ll be at:


FRIDAY 8PM:  Epic fantasy

SATURDAY 12PM: Fans vs. Writers

SATURDAY 6 PM: Writing outside the lines

SUNDAY 12PM: Read all about it! Superheroes in novel form.

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  1. I attended the Denver CC and went to Writing outside the lines. The panel was great. I was hoping for more than just a facilitating job for you though. Would have liked to have someone question you as well as you questioned them. You could be a talk show host. 😉