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Best Fan Art Ever

by Daniel Abraham

Fan art by Expanse fan, freelance translator, and artistEXPANSE holden_coffee Dana Berube.










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  1. Fabulous Fan Art!!!

    • Wow, neat, Dana! Good to see the breaking the bounds of Deviant Art and getting out there in front of “the key demographic”. I really love how so much of the personality comes through in your characterizations. And it’s sorta like finally putting a face to a group of people I’d only talked to on the phone.

  2. This is exactly the sort of awesome fanart I was hoping for when I made the coffee-related fan art suggestion!

  3. I love the multi-culturalism here, but it hurts a little that white man is still top of the heap, graphically speaking… It doesn’t come across that way in the novels.

    • Well, actually in the novels we’re pretty careful never to describe him *as* white. He’s got eight parents, and not all of them are anglos. In the absence of a firm description, though, folks do default to the normative.

  4. Hello, thanks for all the great work. I’ve enjoyed it immensly. I just finished Abbaddon’s Gate and it was another strong entry in this series. I was always attached to Julie and could not help seeking some closure as to her fate. I realize she is stated as cryptically dead a couple times in the novel but after seemingly morphing various times and steering the protomolocule to Venus and merging with Miller, I felt maybe more explanation would be given as to her ultimate fate. Any chance she will show up again at least in passing as the series moves forward? Miller even in his current state still seems to hold her in his heart. Clarissa also will probably hold some curiosity as to what exactly happened on Venus, etc….
    Is she really gone for good?

    Just checking and I hope you reserect her in some form at some point as we go forward.

    Thanks guys for entertaining me on many dark nights!

    Chris ( sorry if I posted any spoilers publicly)

    • Chris, the plot is fairly intricate (and getting more intricate) but I felt that Abaddon’s Gate actually revealed quite a bit, at least to me. The impression I got was that the protomolecule was initially sent to various star systems where it would land on a planet with the beginnings of life, and use those initial building blocks to create a gateway that an extremely powerful race used to travel between the stars.

      Because the protomolecule was unleashed on evolved, sentient life, it reacted in a different way. It still carried out it’s “programming” to create the gateway, but it encountered consciousness, which it wasn’t created to deal with, so it just had to improvise. As such, it seems to have absorbed consciousness rather than just overwriting it. So while Miller and Julie are dead, some small form of their consciousness/personality exists within this new “Protomolecule 2.0” if you will.

      What’s a wee bit unclear is that even though the protomolecule absorbed thousands (if not millions) of people on Eros, why every one is missing from the equation, bar Julie and Miller. I’m guessing (aside from making it a REALLY hard story to tell from the perspective of so many!) that Miller was regarded as a special case since it basically saved the protomolecule when humanity planned on sending into the sun. (So does the protomolecule look on Miller as some sort of Christ-type figure?) That would explain why Miller’s consciousness is still active (and by extension Julie’s, since Miller had a bit of an obsession with her). I’ll bet all becomes a bit clearer in book four – which I can’t @#$# WAIT to read.

      • We do add more to the Miller story in book four.

        • Thanks so much for the great replies. Gaz, that does help to hear your thoughts, and I held similar ideas as to yours as far as the protomolecule was concerned. Julie still seemed to have some impact/influence/presence in book 1 and 2, so I was hoping she that would remain true in the subsequent books. Hopefully she would not simply be dropped, but in book 3, Miller makes cryptic statements about Julie being “dead” and simply wont talk about it anymore. I was hoping that all hope wasn’t lost for Julie and she continued to exist at least in some form. Maybe she and Miller could find a sort of symbiotic happiness together.

          Thanks so much Ty, for the input. Should I take your statement to imply that while Miller shows up in Book 4, that Julie does not and I should move on , haha. Do you consider her thread officially closed and she is dead and gone for good?

          Also, I have some fan art I would like to submit but I wasnt sure how. I will try and find a link for sending an attachment.


  5. I put my pic on one of those free image hosting sites. Maybe I can upload it proper once I get the links I need to send it in.

    Here it is for anyone interested 🙂

    A really fun series of books so far!


  6. Dang, the link didnt post. I guess that isnt allowed. 🙁 Ill have to wait for a proper link to email it in.


  7. This is awesome! Some of the characters look like how I imagined them! Lol and the coffee machine.