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San Diego Comic Con

by Daniel Abraham

We are in San Diego along with George RR Martin, Diana Rowland, Jay Lake, and apparently everyone else in the freaking world. So that’s cool.

If you’re one of our fellow attendees, my schedule looks like:



2 pm:  Daniel Abraham signing at the Orbit booth in the exhibitor’s hall


2:30: Epic Fantasy panel (24ABC) Daniel, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb, Raymond Feist, Django Wexler, Melissa de la Cruz, and Christopher Paolini as herded by Colleen Lindsay.  Wish her luck.  (With a panel signing afterward)


1:30 Daniel and George RR Martin singning the new comic book Skin Trade at the Avatar booth (ticketed signing, so grab a ticket if this one’s your bag)


1:00 Science Fiction and the Future (24ABC) Daniel, Ty, Jason Hough, David Wellington, Mira Grant, Daniel Wildon and DJ MacHale as managed and controlled by Margaret Stohl. (With a panel signing afterward)

3:00 Daniel and Ty signing as James SA Corey at the Orbit booth.

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  1. Are either Daniel or Ty going to GenCon?