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Well look what I found on the Internet

by Daniel Abraham

My seven-year-old self now thinks I'm the coolest thing ever.

My seven-year-old self now thinks I’m the coolest thing ever.

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  1. Well great. Now I have to read a Star Wars book.

  2. I think you’re the coolest thing. At least for the afternoon.

  3. Yeah, that is deeply, deeply cool. Excited to read it.

  4. This book, Martha Wells’ Leia book and the Luke book by Kevin Hearne are pretty much the most excited i have been about star wars in 10 years. what great author choices!

  5. Great news. Anyone know if this is a stand alone story or part of another series?

    • It’s grouped with two other novels that are set in the same general time period (between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back) but it’s a complete, stand-alone story. Our book, Kevin’s book, and Martha’s don’t rely on, complete or continue each other.

      • Thanks for the info. I look forward to buying and reading the book when it is released. I just finished the Long Price Quartet and really enjoyed it. Will be moving on to either The Expanse series or The Dagger And The Coin next haven’t decided yet. Thank you from a new fan.

  6. Are you going to be at Worldcon in San Antonio..?

  7. My world just turned upside-down!

    I’d never been into books, until I started reading Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars books last year. Those kind of triggered a sci-fi reading surge in me, one that by pure coincidence led me to Leviathan Wakes. Since then, The Expanse has pretty much become my favourite series ever.

    To see this all leading me back to Star Wars is at the same time jarringly ironic and insanely awesome. Looking forward to it!

  8. Ok, so that is very cool.