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Seriously, we know

by Ty Franck

We’ve been falling down on the job here on the blog for a while, but we’re working on some stuff that will make Expanse fans very happy.  We promise, next week we’ll have some stuff to talk about.  Thanks for your patience.  Daniel owes you the flaky pastry of your choice next time you see him.


In the meantime, look at this thing an amazing fan set up.

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  1. I wanted to add to the Wiki the church organization mentioned in the Expanse. I can’t remember the name, but the creed is something like, “We’re not sure about God, but we can certainly be nicer to other human beings, so let’s do that.” It’s a great humorous summary of humanism.

    Where does that show up, and what’s it called?

    • Are you talking about the Church of Humanity Ascendant?

        • Dear Sir:

          I was perusing, the Expanse wiki, which obviously has no direct connection to you, your co-author, the novel, or the syfy channel.

          My question is what is the relationship between the “Church of Humanity Ascendant” and “Humanism”, historically speaking. Was it inspired by the movements before “humanity ascendent” like “moral relativism” ” The Enlightenment” and the Early Greek and Roman philosophers.

          The reason I ask, is I read somewhere it was either you or your writing partner, who did the “world building” for a video game of “the expanse” long before you wrote the novel, it is hard to believe such a connection does not exist.

  2. Whatever you’re going to do for us rabid Expanse fans,like me,I’d appreciate it if this involves stories or new prose that it be available in paper form not just ebook.

    By the way,has nobody yet said that the Expanse series has everything it could possibly need to be an epic tv series or movie series?I know there would have to be some concessions like the body shape of the belters but other than that we are talking Star Trek like greatness here.

    Finally,Naomi is my fictional character crush.

  3. Career goal added; create something so epic in scope someone feels a need to make a wiki to explain it.


    Please tell me this isn’t the final cover art! D: It’s going to ruin my beautiful bookshelf!