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Oh hey! I have a blog.

by Daniel Abraham

So you know that dream where you forgot to go to class all semester, and then you have to go take the final?  My relationship with the blog has been kind of like that.  I wound up getting on Twitter and Facebook, and then the whole updating the blog thing totally fell apart.  So. let’s see…  where to we stand, where do we stand…

Han Solo

If y’all are keeping track at home, you’ll recall James SA Corey wrote a Star Wars novel.  Well, it’s coming out Tuesday.  It’s gotten some decent reviews thus far.

The Expanse Novels and Novellas

The fourth Expanse novel — Cibola Burn — will be coming out this summer.  I’ll tell you the truth, there are some things about this one that made me *very* *nervous* but all our beta readers said we got away with it.

Also the second of the five novellas will be out before then.  It used to be called Beloved of Broken Things, but because we never have anything come out under the names we pick, it will be released as The Churn.  This is why our working title for Cibola Burn was Dave.  But anyway, keep an eye out, and we’ll let you know when it comes out.

The fifth book is well under way.  Right now, it’s going under the moniker Nemesis Games, but by the time it comes out, it could be anything.

The Expanse TV Show

We’ve seen the script that Mark and Hawk wrote, and it’s effing AWSOME.  Ty’s also seen some of the concept art.  What does this mean?  Hard to say. The process of business in Hollywood is pretty much a cipher to me, but the project has the best team I could ask for, and they’re doing great work.  We are, after all,  professional gamblers.

The Dagger and the Coin

I finished the page proofs for the penultimate Dagger and Coin book this weekend, only two days late.  The last book — presently The Spider’s War — is underway, and I’m already feeling a little wispy about ending my time with these characters.  I shall be bloody bold and resolute.  And there are some scenes coming up soon that I’ve been waiting five or six years to write.

The Game of Thrones graphic novels, Clarkesworld, etc.

I’m coming very close to the end of the the fourth Game of Thrones graphic novel.  Tommy Patterson, the artist who has been responsible for the heavy lifting on the art, has been doing great work.  Also, I’ve been doing columns for Clarkesworld. And James SA Corey has a (non-Expanse) short story in the Old Mars anthology. Daniel has one coming out Rogues.


If you’re of a mind to come hang out, Ty and I will be at the Phoenix Comicon, Bubonicon, and MileHiCon.  I’m also going to be spending a few hours with George RR Martin at his theater in Santa Fe come August (about which more as we get closer).

We’re also looking at some signings one place and another when Cibola Burn comes out.  We’ll let you know when we have a better idea what that looks like.

Secret Projects

We’ve got a couple.  They’re pretty cool.  Without giving anything away, they involve watching West Wing, talking to a bunch of scientists and engineers, and talking about the economics of blackmail.

And you?

What’ve y’all been up to?

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  1. Oh, hey! Good to hear from you!

  2. If you’re interested in the economics of blackmail, Diego Gambetta’s “Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate” has interesting arguments about this, and much else.

  3. The last book — presently The Spider’s War — is underway, and I’m already feeling a little wispy about ending my time with these characters.

    I am sad that the series is coming to a close. On the other hand, a defined ending to a series is a good thing, so you can start something new.

  4. “Also the second of the five novellas will be out before then. ”

    What was the first?

  5. So many exciting things! I’m super bummed about Dagger & the Coin winding down. That series and those characters just make me incredibly happy.

    Really looking forward to everything else you’ve got in the works. Thanks for the update!

    (One day you guys will make it out to Southern California for a book signing/reading thing. I just know it.)

  6. Hi Mr. Abraham,
    Do you have plans for more Dagger and the coin stories down the road?
    Also, you mentioned in the comments a while back (can’t remember which post), that there was enough story for a 7th, 8th, and 9th expanse book. About how many do you have planned? Is there a chance that the tv show will try to adapt two books in one season to accommodate all the stories?
    Thank you so much. Best of luck with your writing!

  7. Good to hear from you again. Of course, my problem could just be that I try to avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague. So…

    Way excited to see the new stuff you have coming out.

  8. Excited to read the 4th and 5th volumes of Dagger & Coin, but sad to think of the story coming to a close. Best current fantasy series, for my money.

  9. Hi

    I have been trawling the web trying to find the publication date of the Dagger and Coin book 4. Can you pls tell me the date?

    Thank you

  10. Hi Mr. Abraham,
    Thank you very much for responding. I’m looking forward to many more hours of reading from you.

  11. What about Black Sun’s Daughter? Is that still going? The 5 books so far are really unique in urban fantasy (in a very good way).

  12. I miss Jayne. And Ex. Any news? Thanks.

  13. Any updates for The Black Sun’s Daughter?

    • Ditto. We going to be seeing book 6 anytime soon?

      For that matter, I don’t know if I’ve even seen an announcement of contract for the continuation of the series from this point. Wasn’t book 5 the last one under contract?

      Come on, Market. Don’t fail me now!

  14. Hi..

    First off, much love for the Expanse books. I recently stumbled upon them and in the space of 3 weeks, have devoured everything in that universe. As a man who at one time had aspirations of writing, this type of story is right up my alley.

    My question is more about the title of book 2.

    I can totally understand why, whist there was no “leviathan” so-to-speak, the first books title makes sense because the big-bad (protomolecule) is like the leviathan of old, wreaking ships, causing havoc, etc.

    And the third book.. Abaddons Gate. It ties in, due to the fact that the place they go is (in the characters eyes), something of a hell.

    I’m sure it’s something obscure that I’ve missed… But for the second book. Who the hell is Caliban? And why is it his war?


    • Ah! Caliban is the half-human slave of the wizard Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest who rebels against being controlled. It’s his war because there are half-human things driving the war that are rebelling against being controlled. 🙂

      • Ah, I thought it was a reference to Caliban’s attempted rape of Miranda so he could “people the island with a race of Calibans”, as the molecule wars on humanity in an attempt (it appears) to people the solar system with more of itself.

  15. Are there going to be anymore hardback versions of the Expanse and The Dagger and the Coin books from Science Fiction Book Club? I was really hoping that they were going to continue with the series’. Thanks!

  16. Reading/Listening to “The Dragon’s Path” , really enjoying it!

    You really need a Facebook Page/Presence to help your visibility and network other’s awareness of your work. imo 😉

    Looking forward to more of the series and more of your work across the board!

    Best Regards


  17. Hi, I’d like to ask if you would consider publishing Expanse novellas in paperback? The Expanse series are fantastic! I’m currently on Abaddon’s Gate. And when I was ordering the next book in the series I noticed you have Gods of Risk and The Butcher of Anderson Station. I searched internet for weeks trying to buy it in paperback format so I can add it to my great book collection. And just read it here that they are in ebook format. If I have to buy kindle just to get the novellas, I would buy it, but it is so much better to hold an actual printed book in your hands.

    • There is a plan to collect them all at some point in the future. But we have at least three more to write before then, so it might be a while. Also, you can get a reader for your computer that lets you read ebooks without actually buying a Kindle.

  18. Can’t wait for the Expanse TV series!

  19. I’m about halfway though _Leviathan_Wakes_ and like it is says in the cover, I enjoying the space opera. Enjoying a lot, in fact. I have a question: Is there any of Robert Heinlein novel’s that you have not read? I read _Rocket_Ship_Galileo in the ’50’s and everything else two or more times and you two write in the same voice. I love it!

  20. Ops, late to the party. That should teach me to get RSS feeds.

    Well, I’m still blogging though sometimes I let more than 2 weeks go between posts and then feel bad about it. It’s not like my plate is as full as yours. I’m also working on my Roman novels and wrestling some plotbunnies that want me to write about the Picts in the 7th century and the Ottonian emperors in Germany.

    Plannning a bit of traveling for April because it’s not like I don’t have photo and history material for like another 200 blogposts already. 😉

  21. Hey! Don’t forget that Ty and you are at the Albuq SF Society meeting this Friday, April 11. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church near San Mateo and Montgomery NE. See the events calendar at for more info.

  22. Hi, very happy to know the story is adapted to TV show and I am looking forword to Cibola Burn! I am a great fan of the series and also the Chinese translator of your novels.

    The Chinese version of your first book of this series has been finished and submitted to the publisher, can’t wait to see the final version and the show!

    Yijun Wu

    • Wow, thanks for letting us know. I can’t wait to see the Chinese version.

      • I am now translating Caliban’s War, really great story, and the pace is awesome too! Since there are a lot of fans of American TV series here and major websites also purchase TV shows from US, I am quite sure the TV version will be seen in China too. : )

        May I ask how many books the series has? Thanks.

        Yijun Wu

        • I’m hoping the show gets shown a lot all around the world.

          Right now the series is slated at 9 books. There’s a possibility as we get a little farther along that it could stretch out a little farther, but 9 for sure.

  23. I never got a response to my question regarding Abaddon’s Gate being offered
    through Science Fiction Book Club (As I do love hardbacks!). Now I see that they are offering Cibola Burn but not Abaddon’s Gate. What gives? I hope I am not yelling into the void again.

    • SFBC didn’t offer a book club HC of Abaddon. Cibola is actually a HC original from Orbit, not through the book club. As far as I know, no one did an HC of Abaddon. Perhaps Orbit will do one in the future.

      • Thanks for the response. I am sorry to hear about Abaddon. My OCD makes it very hard to mix hardcovers and paperbacks.

  24. If you had the opportunity and time, would you write a novel set in Iain M. Banks “Culture” universe? I think you or the James S.A. Corey team could come up with a great story.

  25. I love books and I especially love good SciFi. Leviathan Wakes was a great and welcome change to the current store/online selection and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Caliban’s War… only to reach the end of chapter 19 and close the book in utter disgust. Sorry, but after all the emotional BS and mind screaming psycho-babble woven into an otherwise fantastic space opera, this was the wrong move. (just one reader’s humble opinion, mind you).

    • What you think happens there is not what is actually happening there.

      But to be honest? If you hate “emotional BS an mind screaming psycho-babble” we’re probably not writing for you.

  26. Will there be a book 6 of The Black Sun’s Daughter? I love the series!

  27. The Dagger And The Coin has the greatest potential for an RPG world that I’ve seen in a LONG time – I would love to play any of the unique races and check out the interactions. If it’s too much trouble to make a new game based on the series (as I imagine it might LOL) perhaps it could be a set of Sourcebooks for an established system (even, ugh, Pathfinder) – there are a number actually that I could see it working well under. Personal preferences or biases side, the important thing would be being able play in that world. Perhaps a non-system-specific approach (ala Thieves World) would be best. Please consider this matter if you haven’t already. I’ve been exploring different RPGs lately and your world makes most of the new game worlds seem very weak indeed.

  28. I am trying to read The Widow’s House slowly, because once it is finished there will be nothing until August, and I will miss those characters very much.

    I even dream about them. The other day I dreamed of Clara giving a fellow conspirator advice on how not to be noticed.

    There are nine more months until August…. long months…

  29. I finished the Long Price quartet.

    And I have this itch to have someone (Idaan probably) give Balasar Gice the Susan Ivanova advice that when you do something stupid you should catalog the full extent of your stupidity for future reference.

    Why? Because he did not so much get rid of the andat, but of the fail-safe mechanism that kept them within reasonable bounds.

    The andat were not used as weapons, until invasion forced the issue. They were not used to subjugate other peoples, nor to extract concessions. Only as a warning to potential invaders. Any attempt to use them for more than peaceful uses was stymied by the authority of the Dai-kvo, and the rigorous selection of poet candidates.

    So, in his rush to get rid of the andat, that idiot Gice kills the Dai-kvo and destroys the school, which means that anyone who finds a way to summon the andat will be someone with no contraints. And worse, he gave reason to get revenge against his own country. It was only logical what happened. And I do wish that someone told him that when he said that he would pay any price to get rid of the andat, he included his own people as the price to be paid.

  30. Hi Dan & Ty,

    I don’t know if this page is still looked at or if it is abandoned because the last question was posted in 2015 but anyway.

    I was just wondering if it was still in you plans to release a paperback of the 5 novellas or that plan was abandoned?

    • Nope, that’s still the plan. Expanded a little, too, since we’re talking about putting a sixth novella in the book too. But we need to write five novellas at least before it’s a live issue.