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The Expanse PICKED UP at SYFY

by Daniel Abraham

So The Expanse has been picked up for a 10-episode season by Syfy on the strength of an amazing script by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.  Not shooting a pilot, commitment to a full season.

We have a *great* team, and they’re only getting better.

Things are going to get interesting right about now

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  1. That’s great news, congrats. Will look forward to it.

  2. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Super Excited!

  3. This is so brilliant, I’ve been pushing Leviathan on everybody I know who reads and its never failed to win them over to the series, I really hope Scifi (I just can’t use that rebranded name) understands what a great opportunity they have here, they’ve annoyed many old fans in the last few years.

  4. My body is ready!

  5. I am so stoked for you both, and the rest of your team! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to set my DVR to RECORD 🙂

    So, so cool!

  6. Wow, that’s fantastic news. Congrats to you both.

  7. Incredible. I didn’t realize that TV networks use good material these days.

  8. Congratulations! This is terrific news, and I hope that your fine series ends up leading the way of a resurgence of space opera in pop culture! There’s been a TON of great space opera written over the last decade or two, but I’d love for it to really go mainstream for once.

  9. That is fantastic news! Excited beyond words. Congrats to you both!

  10. Great news! Hopefully you all are watching the Game of Thrones situation carefully and will make sure you finish the books before the show gets too far along? 🙂

    Any word on budget for the show and/or casting??


    • Yeah, we’re working on book 5 right now, and we’ve been hitting 1/year. I ain’t scared. 🙂

      As far as budget… well, yes, we’ve heard word. And it’s really quite flattering. The phrase “one of the biggest deals in TV history” has been bandied about.

      • Congratulations! Really. I just finished up ‘The Tyrant’s Law’ and came onto your site to see whether the next book in the series came out.
        I got more than I asked for! The Expanse is an excellent series.

        Good Luck

  11. Congrats, guys! I’m really looking forward to this.

    And is it too early to suggest theme music?

    Every time I hear that song I imagine an opening montage for The Expanse.

    • If they really do have a huge budget maybe they could get this song….
      licensing a hit song is not cheap!

      I hear some Radiohead/Thom Yorke in my head when I read The Expanse novels myself….

      • Honestly, I thinking Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 set to images of the solar system and Rocinante would set a good moody, space opera tone.

  12. Super Awesome! Best news today I’m so excited.

  13. Are you guys going to write any of the scripts? How much involvement will you have?

  14. “One of the biggest deals in TV history” you say? Well, Game of Thrones runs on a budget of $6 million per episode. Do you know if we are anywhere close to that?

    • Yes we do know, and we’re not saying until Syfy and Alcon do their full announcements.

      But the answer will make fans happy.

      • Well you guys seem confident with it, so I’m sold. Time to welcome Syfy to the golden age of TV.

        • All they have to do now is change their name back to The Sci-Fi Channel.

          • They probably won’t ever change the name back to Sci-Fi Channel. It’s indicative of our very short attention span society that we live in. SyFy he is easier to sell I would suppose but still kind of lame! Correction it’s not kind of lame it’s superduper lame!

  15. Ok, now you have to do a tabletop rpg to go with it.

  16. Hi Dan,

    Not sure where else to put this, but I just wanted to say I liked your essay at Clarkesworld a lot. It expresses my own feelings and the approach I shoot for (but don’t always achieve) extremely well. (And I just finished reading the Meditations about a month ago.) Thanks for writing it!

    PS I also enjoyed Leviathan Wakes very much, though I haven’t gotten around to the books after just yet.

  17. Bought leviathan wakes about a year and a half ago…I really liked the premise and wanted to get back into fiction, as i had been reading non for awhile. But it sat on my shelf for a long while as i laboriously finished a couple books i had started but didn’t finish. I finally picked it up, finished it in no time and now i can’t wait to get the rest. I really enjoyed it, and i’m both thrilled and cautiously optimistic about the news that a tv series has been green lit. I really hope they do the story, the world and characters justice (syfy does put out some real trash). A tv series is definitely the way to go, I don’t think a movie could fit it all in…can’t wait. thanks!

  18. Just finished the first book. I loved it! I picked it up without even knowing it was a series, and when I looked it up and found out they are going to make a tv show on it, I got stoked! Awesome! So excited for next year. It was a great read, and I have book two on its way to my doorstep. Hopefully I’ll have finished all the books before then!

  19. Fantastic! I just saw the SyFy ad with their upcoming programming, saw “Expanse” on the list, and thought “No way, can’t be… SyFy isn’t that cool anymore.” I immediately jumped online and read the news, couldn’t believe it. Looks like they’re starting to right the ship over at SF.
    By the way, the Expanse books are the best epic Sci-fi I’ve read since Dan Simmons’ Hyperion/Endymion books and Larry Novel’s Ringworld series. Let’s hope Expanse TV does well. Maybe some Hollywood types might finally be convinced to get THOSE masterpieces on a big/small screen as well.
    So where are you at on the production timeline? Is there a pilot script yet?

  20. First of all, another awesome installment with CB! Thanks for keeping them coming like you guys have.

    Any official word on cast members for the show? If not, I’m sure no one would fault you if your inner Holden just happened to let a little sensitive information get broadcasted. 🙂

  21. What is the release date of the next book? Can’t wait! Great story, guys. I want Amos to kick Murty’s ass so bad! Then he should hook up with Bobbi. Am I right?!

  22. Thomas Jane has been cast as Miller. Great casting.

  23. The Expanse series is the most fun I have had reading in a long time. As for it being coined as “Game of thrones in space”, as much as a fan of GoT that I am, I’m always left frustrated and devoid of a sense of purpose. However, if they are referring to the excellent production, high quality acting, and inflated budget GoT boasts, then by all means, I absolutely can’t wait. As much as I want to know every bit of information as far as casting, directing, screenplay, etc., I would imagine getting too many pieces and dislocated pictures before they coalesce into the brilliant show I’m sure it will be could take away from the experience as a whole…. So hurry up and get filming!!! Absolutely looking forward to seeing this, you guys are amazing!

    • I think the GoT in Space tag also comes from the fact that Ty and I have both worked with George, and so folks associate us with him. It’s a fine label until the actual show comes along.