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Los Angeles Signing and the Prix Imaginales for. . . Daniel Hanover?

by Daniel Abraham

So, first off, we have achieved an additional signing in Los Angeles.  We will be at Barnes & Noble Santa Monica on June 17th at 7pm.  We’ll be reminding y’all as we get closer, but if you’re in LA, please come play.

Daniel... Hanover.  Okay.  Now we're just making this stuff up, right?

Daniel… Hanover. Okay. Now we’re just making this stuff up, right?

And in other news . . . well, this is really cool, but it takes a little explanation.  My first fantasy series — The Long Price Quartet — did not, perhaps light the world of commercial fantasy on fire.  The folks who read it tended to love it, but publishing is a casino.  They were good books, they are books that I continue to be quite proud of, and they didn’t sell much.  And in Europe, they didn’t just sell poorly.  They tanked.

When the time came to do the new fantasy series, Daniel Abraham was not what you’d call a name to conjure with.  In order to get the new books a chance, my French and German publishers suggested a pseudonym.  Now, I’m pretty up front about being comfortable with pseudonyms, so that was fine.  I’d been writing under MLN Hanover for a while, my Twitter handle was AbrahamHanover.  It was suggested that The Dagger and the Coin series be released under the name Daniel Hanover.

Well, Daniel Hanover’s La Voie du Dragon (Daniel Abraham’s The Dragon’s Path in the US & UK) is short-listed for the 2014 Prix Imaginales along with some very impressive company:

Joe ABERCROMBIE.- Servir froid (Bragelonne) 
Miles CAMERON.- Le Chevalier rouge – Renégat t.01 (Bragelonne) 
Daniel HANOVER.- La Voie du dragon – La Dague et la fortune t.01 (Fleuve éditions) 
Nnedi OKORAFOR.- Qui a peur de la mort ? (Éclipse) 
Catherynne M. VALENTE.- Immortel (Éclipse) 

My thanks go to Emmanuel Chastelliére who wrote all the actual words in the book and Fleuve Noir for taking another chance on me under whatever name.

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  1. The Long Price Quartet is certainly my favorite series. I recommend it to anybody who will listen, and so far none have been disappointed (except for my wife, but what does she know, right?). I never would have guessed that it did poorly.

  2. Sweet! Really looking forward to meeting you guys.

  3. Elitist book reviews got me to read the long prince quarter. I really liked it. I tell people its a fantasy series for people who lots of fantasy and want something different.

  4. When will book 6 of The Black Sun’s Daughter come out? I’m dying here!

  5. That is a pretty sweet cover.

  6. First of all The Long Price Quartet is one of the better (maybe even best) fantasy novels I’ve read in the last couple of years. And I’m usually not that fond of strange magic systems (although usually after a while I tend to get along with Sanderson’s worlds).

    Still, the story of Otah’s life (“He had lived so many lives: half-starved street child; petty thief; seafront laborer; fisherman;
    assistant midwife; courier; Khai; husband; father; war leader; emperor. …”) was the most (I don’t even want to find the words)… I even cried a couple of times and I don’t do that too often.

    Regarding the pseudonym. In the age of the Internet do they still make sense / have an effect? People who are not really interested in the author probably don’t care, other’s will simply google and find out. Do you think it will really get more sales this way? Also is a German sounding name wise to use in France?

  7. Lazlo,

    Daniel didn’t choose “Adolf Von Blitzkrieg” as a pseudonym, so I don’t think anybody here thought the name sounded German.
    Most likely everybody thinks he is an English writer.
    Most likely French people would buy his book even if he was a German writer, just because they know he is a good writer and it is a good book. Most likely because what they like the most is to act unwisely, as everybody knows.
    And yes, the end of the world is nearing. Most likely.