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Signed Cibola Burn

by Daniel Abraham

So while there’s that, y’know, half the country that’s not going to be covered by the book tour, your friends and mine at Orbit are putting together some signed bookplates.

So that’s cool, right?

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  1. Damn. I wanted to get a signed copy or as close as I could to one but I’m cursed to live in Australia and I can’t get one. Yes. I shall pout, stamp my feet and sulk – it’s my right as disappointed fan and idiot man/child.

    I’ll just have to buy one and write my own version of your signature in the front in red crayon 😉

  2. Mysterious Galaxy does mail order of their signed books, so people can order from them. Shawn Speakman, locared in Seattle, mail orders signed books from The Signed Page.

  3. I like a personalized signature on my signed books, as opposed to a book plate.