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James SA Corey Google Talk

by Daniel Abraham

So here’s a thing that happened.

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  1. Really good interview! Makes me want to read the books I’ve missed so far (only read the first at this point). I laughed about Ty being the one who was good at killing people off. Of course! Like the 4th doctor said, everyone should do what they do best.

    Delighted at your success, guys, and glad the world gets to share in the clever and the funny that is my old friend Slash. I remember my coworker saying to me back in 2000, “so you’re flying across the country to meet up with a bunch of people you’ve never met, one of whom is named Slash the Berzerker?”

    “Why yes, yes I am.”

  2. as a reader of lots of books by men, women, and partners who have long left our world… it is great – for a loss of any other more fantastic word – to watch and hear authors talk about their work, in my here and now. the bond that writers and readers share is both odd and wonderful. odd because the bond is both imaginery and intimate. wonderful because… well, because it is full of good old fashioned wonder… as in, “i wonder what’s going to happen next?”

    i look forward to the television show. it will be a translation of the books. which is very cool all by itself.

    thanks ty. thanks daniel. thanks james… i wonder… what’s going to happen next!!

  3. Congrats on getting Thomas Jane to play Miller! He’s perfect!

  4. Hey guys. What’s the deal here? Final battle you allow bullets to work? What happened to the speed limit? This sucks BIG TIME.

    • The speed limit affects the surface-level of vessels, not their internal function. You couldn’t shoot guns outside the ships (or on the alien “base”) because then each bullet becomes its own free-standing unit. *Within* the Behemoth (or the the Roci) there isn’t a speed limit, just the way that nerve conduction isn’t immediately stopped within the bodies of folks in the slow zone.