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by Daniel Abraham

So, it’s been pointed out that we’ve been pretty Expanse-centric around here of late — and for decent reason, I think — but there are other things going on. So, for those keeping score at home, here’s how things stand:

1) Bubonicon

Ty and I are both at Bubonicon this weekend. If you’re in Albuquerque, do stop by.

2) The Widow’s House launch

The Widow’s House — fourth and penultimate book of The Dagger and the Coin — launches Tuesday (though there are a few early copies at Bubonicon). I’m heading up to an event Tuesday night in Santa Fe at the Cocteau where George RR Martin and I will sit around with whoever shows up and chew the fat.

The final book — The Spider’s War — will be out next year, finishing out the five-book outline that I pitched back when this all started.

3) A Game of Graphic Novels

It’s not out yet, but I’ve turned in my final script for the Game of Thrones graphic novels, and — things being what they are — I’m sitting out the next round.  I expect that there will be a series of graphic novels for Clash of Kings, and I’m doing what I can to help build and support the creative team that’s taking it over.  It was a great process, and a fun project.

4) Clarkesworld

If you didn’t know, I’ve been doing a series of articles at Clarkesworld for a while now.  The latest one just went up.

5) MLN

So, I’ve been putting off talking about this one for a while.

I started writing a series of urban fantasy novels a while back called The Black Sun’s Daughter.  It was originally proposed as a ten-book series, but it’s pretty clear at this point that we’re only getting as far as 5 — Graveyard Child, which came out April of last year.

I have enjoyed that process, and I have nothing but praise for Pocket Books and the editorial, production, and publicity staff who helped carry it through.  Publishing is a form of gambling, and while I stand by the quality of the books and the project they were embarked on, the fact is that sales on the last couple books weren’t great.  Graveyard Child sold about half as much in its opening week at Killing Rites did in its.  The sales for Killing Rites were actually low enough, that the writing was on the wall even back then.  Pocket were kind enough to give me a contract for the one more book to let me get the story to a place where we could step away without leaving it at a cliff hanger.

And you?  What’re you up to?

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  1. Ramping up for Worldcon!

    I’m sorry that the MLN books aren’t hitting on the cylinders the other two lines you are doing are. I like ’em all, I went into the buy Daniel Abraham bag back when I discovered the Long Price novels. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the article, very nice way to frame your current experiences, starting with your father.

    Having read and loved most of what you wrote, I tried MLNH, first book. I failed to connect with the main character, (maybe because I am 41?) but enjoyed other parts. I guess I will pick up the next book. I got to read the “Taxonomy’s always a bitch.” dialog. So true, and so soon in the series. I will read the next one, I heard things get a lot more complex.

    Widow’s House launch, yey! I hope there is a lot of banking on this one 😉

    So thank you for all your work, it is deeply appreciated.

    From your reader from Brazil,


  3. Sorry to hear about the MLN books. Is there any chance you might write some more & self-publish them at some point? I’d buy them.

    • I’m not going to rule anything out. 🙂

      • I second the sentiment! Please write more Jane`! I’m not sure why they haven’t been more popular… I find them much more introspective and less bombastic that most urban fantasy, and that’s a good thing ! Please do consider self – publishing. Jane’ is not just a shell, and I like her and her compatriots very much. …. I have read all your Abraham and Corey novels, have been a fan for years, but just stumbled on MLN… I do feel if the link between the more visible pen names were stronger, the books would reach a greater audience and sell more…. Also, I’m female and i think the covers are ridiculous. I bought them despite that because your authorship is far more sophisticated than the publishers limited idea of women, in which half shirts and leather pants appear to be the zenith of feminine empowerment.

    • I really liked the MLS series and have been waiting for the next they where really good sorry that the did not sell for

  4. Will The Widow’s House be available for kindle? I went to pre-order today and was bummed 🙁

  5. Summer session ended last week and I read through Caliban’s War, Abaddon’s Gate and Cibola Burn. I like them lots, thank you. Technically, I started reading Caliban’s War before the end of the session and I may have dropped my grade significantly in differential equations as a result, yet strangely, my grade was significantly higher in linear algebra than I expected.

    But really, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of how the characters are written in those books. Kudos!


  6. You are quite busy, dear sir! 🙂
    I am sorry to hear about The Black Sun’s Daughter series. I don’t read so much in this genre, but I did buy and enjoy these novels a lot. I would have loved to see the entire ten-books series seeing the light of publishing. I guess in a perfect world such books would have a better destiny.

  7. I am a huge fan of TD&TC and will be ordering the next one just as soon as it shows up on Audible. I have really grown attached to the great narrator for the series, and am still holding out hope that one day the LPQ will show up as audiobooks as well so I can “read” them again in that format.

  8. Well, I’m bummed to hear about the rest of the MLN Hanover books. I do hope you’ll continue to work with that character and/or write as that author. I still LOVED “Hurt Me” as well as what I’ve read of Black Sun’s Daughter, and would be happy to read more from Hanover 🙂

    Is the Widow’s House really coming out in audio the same time as the novel hits bookstores? If that’s the case, I may now know what I’m listening to next!

    • I’m with you, Dave. I loved Jayné and all the rest of the characters and the stories. Hoping that someday we can see more–the series was not getting tired, although the last book did kind of wrap up a couple of big threads.

  9. What’s in the pipeline after you’re done with the dagger and coin?

  10. Looking forward to reading Both Widow’s House, and Spider’s War. Speaking of Spider’s War, I hope it gets released in trade paperback, much like the first four books in the series. I think the format changed with the Expanse books.

    After the Spider’s War, are you finished in the Dagger and Coin universe?

  11. Any book tour dates? In Phoenix, but missed you at comic con.

  12. I would like to see a conclusion to the Black Sun daughter series. If you cant give the whole story as you intended at least let the followers get closure on the series in the next book. PLEASE!

  13. I’m gonna gush here for a moment. I’m always looking for big, juicy books (or, better yet, series) to read, with lots of interesting ideas and characters. I like the genres in which you write, but lots of others, too. (Magical realism is probably the one that just doesn’t do a single thing for me.) The best way for me to find new books is to get recommendations (e.g., from an interview) from authors I already like, which is how I stumbled across you–the long price quartet, in particular, which sucked me in. I’m even enjoying the Expanse books, even though space westerns haven’t done much for me in the past. I liked MLN Hanover, so kind of a drag those aren’t continuing. But I LOVE the Dagger & Coin series; the complexities make for great reading, and I particularly like the subtle changes the characters experience. So, very excited to see The Widow’s House is available on my iBooks, as I preordered it–thanks!

  14. Picked up the Widow’s House today, yes!

  15. Any chance that The Expanse is adaped to a game on PS4 or PC? like Mass Effect series. I will definitely buy that.

  16. I was really hoping for some more MLN. I loved that series and have pretty much devoured everything you have written. I’m looking forward to the next Dagger & Coin. Hopefully you’ll be able to resurrect MLN at some point. Thanks for the update!

  17. I’ve been waiting for months for The Widow’s House. I kept checking Barnes and Nobel as well as this website and I couldn’t find a release date anywhere. Now it turns out I’m a week late. Was there any advanced information for when this was being published before this post? Because I couldn’t find it. Also I didn’t even know you had an Urban Fantasy series. I’ll certainly start reading it now, but the way you publish things confuses me. I want to read everything you write. Just wish it was a little easier to know what you’re writing, and when it’s coming out.

  18. I’ll add my voice to the chorus in praise of Black Sun’s Daughter. I happened across the first book on the new arrivals shelf at the library, and enjoyed it a lot.

    One of things I really liked about the series was Jayné’s progression from immature and pretty clueless into maturity. I do hope you’ll return to her story someday!

  19. Sorry to hear about the MLNH stuff, you seem to be quite pragmatic about it. Initially I was surprised to hear about The Expanse as a TV series, but the MLNH seems a natural TV possiblity. (Super excited about The Expanse!)

    Speaking of The Expanse…don’t know who your music stylist is for the show, but I submit Lamb’s “As Satellites Go By” for the opening/title sequence. It’s off of a new release (Backspace Unwind), and yes, it’s a little mellow, but the quiet ramps up the drama and I can almost see the opening. 😉 (Demo version here:

    Keep ’em coming, love ’em all!!

  20. I loved the black Suns daughter series. I was wondering if I can purchase a signed book.

  21. I just read “The Widows House” from Dragon and Coin and enjoyed the heck out of it. The whole series, so far, is fantastically written and the world is unique and entertaining. I know you said the last D and C book will be some time in 2015, but have you set any additional time frame yet?

    To expand on how much I loved this series… maybe I’m a tough audience, but I think the series is not only well-written and grittily compelling, but also had fantastic situational and character humor. I found myself giggling and then laughing out loud at humorous scenes and interactions woven throughout the decidedly non-funny situations facing this world.

    I truly enjoyed the extra skill on your part. I think most authors tend to introduce a single character or side-kick who is supposed to provide comic relief for the whole world. , For example, I love GRRM’s writing (what’s not to love, right?), but Tyrion is the only character who has a consistent sense of humor. Fortunately, the screen version also adds witting interactions between the Hound and Arya. Robert Jordan missed the humor boat completely, with exception of a few scenes from Mat Cauthon. In general, I didn’t feel Jordan had a very good sense of comic timing anyway. B Sanderson’s very entertaining, but again I thought he lacked emotional depth in his characters. Michael Sullivan did the single character thing, although in a very entertaining way. And (IMHO) Rothfuss takes himself WAY too seriously, although managing some humorous moments involving Bast.

    I could also go on all day about the depth of your two primary female characters and how much I love love love them. Cithrin: a strong, feminine, sexy, intelligent character who (realistically) drinks too much, acts immaturely sometimes, makes some poor personal decisions, but pulls it out of her ass when it counts. Clara: possibly the most realistic, intelligent, kick-ass middle-aged female character ever. I think my husband wants to marry her. I think I want to marry her.

    I’m truly on pins and needles waiting to see how everything plays out in book 5! I’ll have to check out “Black Suns” while I’m waiting….

  22. PS: I meant “I’m a tough audience” regarding other epic fantasy not having enough realistic humor.