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A little cold turkey

by Daniel Abraham

Well, the summer’s over and I’m a little behind where I wanted to be.  The TV show, it turns out, could easily have been a full time job all on its own.  But since we’re not giving *that* up, I (Daniel) am dropping off Twitter & Facebook for a couple three months.  And, to make sure I don’t cheat, I’ve had my Darling Wife change my passwords.

I’ve also deleted my favorite games and news apps.

If y’all need to get ahold of me, you can leave a comment here.  Or kick back until November or so when I get back.

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  1. See you in November.

    I don’t suppose anyone knows/can talk about where the show will be filmed? I know a lot of SyFy stuff is done in Canada, some in Toronto.

  2. May I ask when the trailer will be released?

  3. Excellent. I need you to write more; I’m low on reading material.

  4. I’m enjoying working my way through the series, even though all the books aren’t done yet. True to your earlier promise, each book does wrap up neatly, leaving me satisfied, with just enough teasers to make me want to read on to the next book without being frustrated about it.

    BTW, found what looks like a tiny error in Abaddon’s Gate (if you get a chance to make line edits in some of the future multiple editions that you’ll surely get): In Chapter 49 (Anna), there’s a paragraph that includes this about Hector Cortez: “…somehow the reminder that he’d sided with the men who killed Bull was too much…”

    But none of them knew that Bull was dead yet.

    That is all.

  5. Hey, I just saw they’d cast Holden and Avasarala! AVASARALA! I am so excited we might get our AVASARALA fix early in this series 😀

    Good deal on the Cold Turkey approach – I think we’re all excited to hear what happens with the TV show, and what you’ll do next 🙂

    (I have voted for more Asa stories!)

  6. Greetings and salutations,

    I just completed Caliban’s War and have book three in hand. First off, a stupid question (though, my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson swore that these were nonexistent) can someone please explain what or who is a Caliban? Is this alluding to…er…the Taliban? I may not be the smartest drive on the Rocinante, but I’m also not too prideful to ask. (Thanks in advance to whomever helps this raging James S.A. Corey fan to make sense of the book I just finished.)

    Secondly, the casting for SyFy’s series is already scaring me with who the announcement of who will be playing Holden. Maybe I’m getting more critical in my old age (I’ll be 40…oh my god, 40!?…July 15th, 2015), but the character read to be a bit older to me. On the other hand who I’m extremely excited about is Amos’ casting! He’s one of my faves. So, in true Avasarala speak, “don’t fuck it up you couple of cunts”. Sorry, Mei isn’t in the room, is she? (again, can you tell which book I’ve just finished? :-))

    Thirdly, did anyone else consistently picture the blonde behemoth warrior from GOT as Bobbie the entire book, or was this just me? So please cast her as a shout-out to Mr. G. R.R. Martin’s brilliant HBO series.

    And lastly, I’ve stopped reading everything from Patrick Rothfuss and Stephen King to Jay Kristoff and Monte Cook due to not being able to put The Expanse down. So thanks to both of you goo vomiting zombie creators for such a great 10g ride! Sincerely.

    So I must stop typing on my phablet now as Abaddon’s Gate is currently winning the stare down. Cheers from Milwaukee!

    PS – if Abaddon’s Gate is NOT “the ring” that Caliban’s War’s extra reading provided a glimpse of, I may be posting another title inquiry in the following week or so. 😛

    • All right. Let me get the list here. 🙂

      1) Caliban is the character from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. He is the half-human/half-bestial son of the witch Sycorax, and he spends a lot of the play rebelling against the wizard Prospero’s control.

      2) In Leviathan Wakes, Holden is explicitly described as early-30s. Steven’s a couple years younger than Holden was. We saw a *lot* of really great actors trying for the part (including some I recognized from other very popular shows), and Steven’s the right guy.

      3) Gwendoline Christie is indeed the bomb.

      4) Glad the project’s working for you. We’re having a lot of fun with it.

  7. Hey,

    Any chance of you visiting the UK at all?

    Feels weird to put this in a comment, where I can be publicly rejected, but what the hell. I’ve been running an “Ask The Author” theme for ReadWave &, and I’d love to interview you. Would you be interested?

    Also, I finally picked up The Widow’s House after George RR Martin told me how amazing it is, so I expect great things (especially as the rest of the series has been fantastic)!

    Thank you!

    • We don’t have any hard-and-fast plans for the UK just yet, but we both have family there. It would be fun to go out in the next couple years.

      To the other question, I’d be happy to come play. There’s nothing I like better than talking about myself in public. Drop me a line at and we’ll work through the details.

      And finally, I’m glad the books are working for you. I’ve had a lot of fun writing them.

      • Brave of you to throw your email up on the internet like that! I’m the furthest thing from a public figure and still I fear the hate mail.

  8. Hi
    I’m having some trouble purchasing your kindle ebooks.
    However, my residency is Japan. Your books are available on the US Amazon kindle store, but wont show up for me as my residency is Japan. It seems all Orbit kindle books are like this. They are not purchaseable for Japanese residents. I dont understand why this should be so. Do you know why? If I change my kindle postal address to a US postal address under the settings, the Orbit kindle books show up, but if I try ordering them I get a letter from Amazon telling me my residency isnt correct and to send proof of US residency otherwise they will restrict my account access. It costs Orbit nothing to allow Japanese residents to purchase the books in English. If you have any influence over these things could you try to get Orbit to allow their books to be purchased by Japanese residents?
    Kind regards

  9. Making my way through “Cibola Burn”at a quicker pace than I expected… and I’m really scared that I’m going to finish it too quickly. What a great book. I love the character growth you got going on. *Sighs* I wish you could write faster?

    It’ll probably be forever.. Ie two years or more I assume before the next book?

    Have a good one!

  10. I have a question, slash, request. Is there any way you could make available on your site (or elsewhere) a list of your characters and a qick synopsis of who they are? I’ve seen this done before and always found it extremely helpful as a quick reference. I can also see it used to understand a character more. As some of your excellently crafted characters have previous RPG roots, maybe you even have a character sheet lying around listing their health, stamina and diplomacy? Somewhat joking here of course…but leads into my next question…

    Any thoughts into publishing an Expanse role-playing system? Again, due to its roots. Way back when, did you originally create your own mechanics or use a preexisting system? As I live a mere hour away from where, many decades past, a Mr. Gygax had created an entirely new and “Expanse”-ive universe that has eventually involved many creative and exhilarating hours in our lives…I’m just curious. 🙂 Maybe a wild fan would come up with said gaming system and reveal in these here comments??? That would be pretty cool!

    Thanks again for the series. I tend to bring my books wherever I go and have been spreading word about the upcoming SyFy release! Hoping to throw a big party for the premiere. Costumes and such. (Yeah, we’re THOSE kind of nerds!)

    Thanks again.

    A humble fan,

    • I’d recommend checking out the information at the Expanse wiki:

      It’s not something we’re actually directly associated with or anything, but it seems like they’re doing a pretty good job capturing a lot of the information, and if they’ve missing something, it’s a wiki. You get to put it in.

      As to the RPG, those rights now belong to Alcon. It’s entirely possible they’ll make a deal for a tabletop game at some point, and if they do, I’ll totally play it. Because that’s just funny. When we were playing before, the system was a seriously modified d20 modern, because Ty rolls that way. I’ve always been more of a GURPS type, myself.

      • Nice. Well again, I appreciate your quick response! So cool to be reading the story and able to chat with the author. Love this new-fandangled technology!

        BTW – GURPS is fun…but we recently played Adventures in Time and Space, the Doctor Who RPG, and honestly, one of the BEST systems I’ve ever played! You should really give it a go the next time you’ve got some time on your hands.


  11. Hey I hope that the cold turkey is working out for you. I just wanted to drop a note to say that whomever thought of the ‘double’ packaging of the e-book that bundled together the first book in the Dagger and the Coin series with Leviathan Wakes is an evil genius. I bought Leviathan Wakes after hearing so much good about it, not realizing that the other book came with, and boy was that a surprise when LW ended at the halfway point! So plunged into the other book, and really liked it, and since then I have acquired the rest of both series and have been alternating back and forth a book from each over the past couple of weeks (I have one more of each series to go). Great stuff! Looking forward to more.


  12. Hi, I heard a rumour on another forum, and have to ask. Is it true that you have shelved M.L.N. Hanover and have no plans to continue the Black Suns Daughter series? I recently found the series and tore through the whole thing in a week. I have to say I LOVED it. It was totally not what I expected, and was a very pleasant surprise. Alot of story lines these days have become so predictable, but I have to admit, when I finished book 1, I NEVER would have imagined what happened in book 5. What a twist! I REALLY want more of this series, and I truly hope you havent abandoned it forever. If you have, I will probably cry!

  13. Hi i’m Andrea from a little town of Italy (Montepulciano)

    i want to ask you mind to translate the books in italian language, (or you did it?).

    We really, really need some good Science fiction, i’m serious.


  14. Daniel,my 54 year old son has turned me into a fantasy book lover. I’m 76 and counting. I just finished reading The Widow’s House. I read the two previous book in the series and am into it for the long run. Are you working on the next one? I couldn’t find out anything more about it. I find I’m addicted now to Marcus,Cithrin, Clara and the rest of your characters of all races. You have me hooked!

    Be well, young man.
    Joni MCcMillan