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Goodreads Reader’s Choice Awards

by Ty Franck

Goodreads Cibola Burn, the fourth book in the expanding Expanse series was nominated in the first round of the reader’s choice poll.  If the urge strikes you, you should go vote for your favorite books of the year.  There are some great choices in every category.



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  1. Finished it just in time. Loved it, of course, and will go vote now. To make someone like me love the book despite having said some of the same things and held some of the same attitudes as the antagonist is no small feat.

    What was a small thing, but made me laugh aloud, was the militia talking about treating the door they were assaulting as “down”

  2. I will ask all my students to vote!

  3. The semi-final voting round is up now, so you should encourage everyone to go vote again.

    I must admit I hesitated momentarily between Cibola Burn and The Martian, but ultimately decided Cibola Burn is the better choice. The Martian is really good, and I’m excited to see Matt Damon in the film adaptation.

  4. It would be nice if you had a presence on Goodreads, but I guess you can’t post everywhere.

    • We put all our blog posts on Goodreads. But the truth is, the primary means of interacting on Goodreads is through book reviews, and we feel there’s some inherent danger in publicly reviewing the books of other writers.