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Introducing Pat!

by Daniel Abraham

So you know when a bad thing happens to a dear friend, and you have to be very solemn inside even though the way it came down actually makes your own life WAY WAY better?

So, a little after the fact, I need to offer my condolences to everyone over at George RR Martin’s office for the unfortunate loss of his minion, Pat.

And TOTALLY UNRELATED, I’d like to introduce James SA Corey’s new minion, Pat!

Y’all will be seeing more of her around in the weeks and years to come.  Please join me in a welcoming round of applause.   And no, she won’t tell you who ends up on the Iron Throne.  EVEN THOUGH SHE PROBABLY KNOWS.

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  1. DarkSide rocks!

    Haven’t seen your new post for a long time, how is the show going? when I am translating, I feel the pace of the Caliban’s war is a little bit slow than the first one, the plot is still awesome, but a little bit slow.

    maybe I was expecting something else. : ) maybe more cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.

    • We’ve been fairly busy with non-bloggy stuff. And it turns out — sadly — updating the blog is one of the things that drops off the to-do list first. We’ll try to be better about that going forward.

      The show’s going brilliantly, but with few public details. I get to watch the dailies and the rough cuts, though. Without giving anything away, I can say that I hadn’t understood until recently how lucky we are to have the cast we got. The affection I have for these actors knows few bounds.

      As to Caliban’s pacing, my experience of the books isn’t really like a reader’s, but I’m not shocked to hear it. Leviathan Wakes was a crime noir. Caliban’s War is a political thriller. They’re different. That said, I know a *lot* of people who liked Caliban even more than Leviathan. 🙂

      • Yes, Leviathan is a true page-turner, I have recommeded it to many friends, can’t wait to see the Chinese version which will be published next month, they have a new cover design for the book.

        Your series is really inspiring, I have learned a lot from it and I am thinking to start writing a series of my own, about Nazi’s exploriation in Tibet and the myths of elixir around the world, finally reveal the origin of mankind, just a rough idea now.

  2. Any guess as to how soon we could get a teaser trailer? I love the books. I’m currently rereading Leviathan Wakes to get refreshed on how it begins.