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A Short Note on Expanse News

by Daniel Abraham

So here I am on the set of The Expanse in my nifty little chair with my name on it (actually, that’s not true — Ty’s in my chair, I’m in the chair of a fella at a much higher pay grade than mine, but he’s good with it).  It is, I feel comfortable saying, much cooler than I’d expected.  And I thought it’d be pretty cool.

We just had a comment on another thread complaining that Naomi Nagata has been cut from the show.  Now I’m assuming that comes from someone looking at the IMDB entry and seeing Dominique Tipper is only listed as being in one episode.  This is, of course, an error in IMDB and will eventually update to show that Miss Tipper will be with us throughout the season.  There are also some fan sites coming out that are being mistaken for official outlets to some confusion.

But with that in mind, I wanted to drop a note about how information about the show is coming out.

If we say it here on the blog, it’s probably true.  If Syfy says it, it’s pretty much certainly true. Anything you get from anyplace else, don’t sniff it.  You don’t know where it’s been.

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  1. I would only be concerned if the Naomi Nagata character was to be played by a CGI shark.

    • I’m honestly trying to decide if that would make the show 100 times worse or 1000 times better.

      It would just be something that exists, like nobody ever bothers to address the fact that one of our major characters is a giant fish.

  2. Does the chair have armrests?

  3. Thanks for the update!

    Are you still casting for the show or is it pretty much Go!

  4. Hope to hear some more news soon. Maybe at tomorrow’s NBC TCA panel? 🙂

  5. Anyone else notice that Nemesis Games is on pre-sale at Amazon? I’m suprised to not see anything about this news? Maybe I am missing something… And not that I’m pimping amazon for book purchases, but I’m super excited to get my hands on the next book. Keep up the great work, gentlemen! And thanks for getting me back into Sci-Fi.