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That’s a wrap (and another thing)

by Daniel Abraham

The Expanse season one had it’s wrap party last night.  It was wonderful and exhausting and long and filled to the rafters with talented, dedicated, genuinely great people.  The presidents of Alcon TV and Syfy were both on hand, and a bunch of folks from the cast and crew.  I am now exhausted and delighted and ready to be home for a few days.

The Powers are still working out the premier date, so apart from 2015, I’ve got nothing new on that front, but I did get to hear a couple details about the promotion effort coming up that delight me.  That part should be fun too.

Also, and unrelated, for those who follow such things, our Star Wars novel is not [EDIT: Now.  Not not, now.  Jeez, typos…] out in mass market.

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  1. Awesome news. Congrats! Can’t wait for what’s to come. Hopefully we’ll get that firm date soon.

  2. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this. I loved every word of each book and expect the tv series to be equally spectacular. Hope it makes it down to Australia fairly quickly.



  3. That’s great to hear. On both fronts.

  4. I used to love science fiction but then grew tired of the genre as it seems too many books either went overboard with the techno babble or delved into erotica – both at the expense of a good story. Leviathan Wakes has renewed my love in this genre! A great solid science fiction story with that glimpse of horror and good characters. So excited to see what SyFy has in store! Starting Caliban’s War today!

  5. Really looking forward to the premiere. Can you give us a heads up on whether there will be any promotion at Wondercon coming up next month? Thanks and be well.

  6. How involved are you in the tv show? Did you write any episodes?

  7. Dear Ty and Daniel

    The Chinese publisher is going to publish the Chinese version of Leviathan Wakes within May or so, and editors want to use the TV show of Syfy to promote the book. So they ask me to ask you if they can be allowed to use the poster of the TV show, in other words, they would like to know who they should contact in Syfy Channel for this authorization issue. Could you do me a favor, ask the staff of Syfy?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best wishes

    Yijun Wu

    • Y’know, I’m not entirely sure who to talk to (or if they have a poster together yet). Let me pass this up the line and see what I can get you.

      • Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help! : )

      • Hi, Daniel, may I ask do you get a reply about poster authorization from Syfy? : ) and I found that Venus in Caliban’s war is quite similar to the planet monster Ghroth in Cthulhu myth, I am also a great fan of Cthulhu universe, are you going to keep this kind of elements in the rest of the books?

  8. The first book is marvelous, and I can’t wait for the show’s premiere. Any idea if it will come to Canada? Congratulations!

  9. Was Samara Rosenberg cast? With all he excitement of the other castings, I didn’t notice anything on this character. We seem to have hit the calm before the storm in regards to the marketing for this show. I can’t wait for it to crank up.

  10. Just wondering. Acording to ( the show “Premieres Jun 15, 2015”. Is that true or have they just pulled it out of their behinds?

    • Let’s just say I wouldn’t put it too close to your nose when you sniff it. When there’s a decision, there’ll be a lot of places much closer to bedrock that’ll be making the announcement.

      • Yea… I thought so. But sometimes things get out though unexpected channels. I was just grasping for straws.
        It is one thing do be patiently waiting for something that you are really exited about and a totaly different thing to be trying to patiently wait for something that you have no idea when you are going to receive it.

  11. the expanse series has now supplanted all others as my alltime favorite scifi set. so cool. thanks for writing and sharing your talents 🙂 happy spring. tb

  12. Daniel, I suppose you have been incredibly busy with the expanse’s tv adaption by Syfy lately, is there any news on the final installment of the dagger and the coin? or should I realistically not expect this for 2015? No pressure, just wondering how you are dealing with all of this and eager to read the wrap up whenever you finish on your terms.

  13. Hi, Daniel, may I ask you about the TV show poster authorization issue again? I just need a cell phone number or an email address and the name of the one the publisher should contact, thank you very much! : )

  14. I’ve been reading dagger and coin…one thing befuddled me… ranks of peerage…

    Are Viscount lower ranked than Barons in this universe for some reason?

  15. What can we expect visually, from the films? The trailer has the feel of a slick, modern sci fi, like Ender’s Game or the new Star Trek movies. However, a lot of readers, myself include, got a Firefly vibe from the world – hardworking people in run-down spaceships scraping out a living on the edge of civilization.

    While either would be really cool, will the show lean more towards one environment or the other?

  16. Since there is no information on when this show will premier…. Can you at least say that a premier date has been decided?

  17. There is an updated trailer with new footage on Syfy’s website.

  18. oh crap!! Well at least we know what month it’s
    gonna premiere in. Not sure why December would be a good idea, although
    it means that it won’t conflict with Games of Thrones or the rest of network television.

    But then again a start date of July would have done that as well.

    Should we (the fans of the Expanse books) start to worry?

    • Nope, nothing to worry about. Post production’s going great. We’re getting together for the writer’s room for season 2 in a couple weeks. There are massive corporate machines that determine things like the release dates, and the variables are beyond the ken of mere mortals.

  19. Now that you two have some television chops, perhaps you could pitch a show/film about writing the ultimate science fiction story based on a true story?

    Thanks for your contribution to this excellent, entertaining piece. It was almost as enjoyable as the Nemesis Games preview.

  20. Love the series! Will all the books come out in softcover at some point or will some only be available in hardcover?

  21. ACK! Just watched the trailer again on the and the end now says “coming in December”
    Looks like 5 more months of breathless waiting
    …and I’m already light-headed.