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The Dangerous World of TV Producing

by Ty Franck

Delivering notes to actors can be a dangerous job.  Acting is an emotional profession, and hearing that the choices you’ve made aren’t working can sometimes create tensions or hurt feelings.

Fortunately, on The Expanse we have trained professionals who take criticism with aplomb.

Giving a note to Dominic Tipper

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  1. That is awesome!!

  2. Dominique Tipper.

    Good stuff!

  3. Hasn’t he learned that a man telling a woman what to do does not turn out well? LOL

    That was good though. Glad to see you guys having fun making the show and can’t wait for it to start!!!

  4. So excited for the show! I’m curious as to what they actual OPA logo looks like, and if possible, can we buy a tshirt (and other things) with it? I, for one, would love some Expanse merch.


  5. Powered through Nemesis Games. Another great read. Man, now I’m really anticipating the next one.

  6. Good stuff. The casting of Dominique as Naomi has only added to the anticipation. Hey, I know at one point in time you envisioned The Expanse as possibly an RPG setting for tabletop. Are you giving any thought into developing it once the show takes off? Love to see it. Enough so, that if it doesn’t come from you, I’d think of adapting it for my own personal enjoyment.

    • The rights to any game based on the books now belongs to Alcon Entertainment. It would be cool to have a tabletop RPG setting, but for now, that’s going to have to go through them.

      • Thanks. I just hope they don’t throw it to Wizards of the Coast.

        I just finished Gods of Risk and noticed the mention of Uncle Istvan, which I’m sure you know is a card from Magic: The Gathering.

        • Honestly just play Stars Without Numbers for a good space opera RPG. It could be easily changed to fit the expanse system.

    • I tried to post this comment over at SciFy’s Expanse website but gave up after they wanted more information from me than I recall from a CIA job application. So, there’s that.

      I started reading your Expanse series last summer 2014. I have purchased all of the series, including the novellas, in Kindle format starting in 2014. I find the books to be an exceptional blend of Hard Sci-Fi and Space Opera blended with real word grit and a surprisingly easy accessibility to the characters.


      The casting of most of the major characters in the Expanse TV series is…uh..OK, (bonus points for casting Shohreh Aghdashloo) with the GLARING exception of Naomi. Sadly the physical description of her, as a Belter, was missing from the actress that was cast for the TV series. She was supposed to be T.A.L.L., thin and have long curly hair.

      To be honest, you spent so much time describing her physical characteristics in the Expanse novels that it became as much a part of her character as her actions, relationships and dialogue. I could actually picture, while I read the novels, any number of African-American or or Afro-Caribbean actresses being cast in the role of Noami. The actress that got the role wouldn’t have been even a close 530th.

      All the SciFy space opera/adventure series seem to have an “exotic” female type-cast built into their shows. It’s getting boring to for me to see them trot out the same “Afro-British” actresses to fill the stereotypical swaggering sidekick, tough bitch leader roles.

      With that in mind, the casting of Naomi was handled without the depth her physical characteristics would have added to the series. I noticed and I’m sorely disappointed. Is it a non-starter? Kinda..!!

      It’s like Spock being cast by picking Benny Hill because the producer has great responses from a focus group to British accents. Dudes, this is really sad.

  7. Funny stuff! On a related note, just read a press release that mentions a December release date for the show and describes it as a 10 part series rather than an ongoing. That true?

  8. TL;DR: I am a book addict, this series is my drug of choice

    I’m so in love with this series. I’m embarrassed for myself at how much of a fangirl I am for you guys. Really, I can hardly hold in my excitement. I tried to read Nemesis Games as slowly as I could, so I could savor it, but I wanted to know what happened too much and finally just gave in. I am probably just going to have to go re-read the whole series.

    • I am right there with you Mandy. There is such a huge waiting list for Leviathan Wakes at my county’s public library that I am just going to buy it so that I can start rereading.

  9. What’s with the dedication in the new book?

    “To Ben Cook, without whom”

  10. Absolutely loved Nemesis Games! The end page has a “other works by James S. A. Corey” and lists “drive” as a novella.. Did I miss this? I was eagerly awaiting news of one between Cibola and Nemesis, and can’t find any info about it.

    Also, a big plus one to Expanse merch!

  11. Will Havelock be in the first season? Can’t find the character om imsb.

  12. Just wondering, is the TV series going to cover all the books? I’m hoping to see a Mimic Lizard in action.

  13. Hi Daniel, Ty

    I recently began to read the Expanse books and I’m really enjoying em. Thing is, I’m a comic artist and chapter after chapter and I just cant stop thinking how much I’d love to work on a comic adaptation or a story derived from the story.

    Maybe you’re already working on something like(surely) but if not, and if you like my work, I’m offering myself to work on developing it.

    Anyway, lots of “if”s but its worth trying.