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A couple things

by Daniel Abraham

First off, we’re doing an AMA over at around 2:00 Pacific/5:00 Eastern. Y’all should stop by if you’re of a mind.

Second: Blogs, right? Kinda not doing much with this one. Should think about putting this thing back in rotation.

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  1. Kind of late for the AMA, but I figure it is worth the ask:

    Annual wait time aside, what pace would you read the Expanse novels, individually or in series?

    Personally, I find that my current pattern (annually, 1-3 days in as big reading blocks as possible) is less than ideal – I lose some of the cool details in the writing, and I feel like I am hearing too much repetition about the world and its physics than needed. Maybe I should just try 2-3 chapters a day?

  2. So it seemed you are wrappin up dagger and the coin… If that would be a TV series, I’d love John Bradley as Geder Palliako

  3. Please tell me the joke about “the black market cheese operation that ended in a gunfight with nine naked Australians in an illegal brothel.” will make it into the show.

  4. just learned about leviathan wakes from a friend running around in el paso two weeks ago. great to hear about local authors in ABQ. Any signings or events you endorse coming up in the area? -Moses

  5. May I recommend: Ronald Guttman as Jules-Pierre Mao

  6. Hello Mr Abraham. I hope you read the comments, as [j/k starts here]I have a complaint to make.

    I am reading the Dagger and Coin books, and I have a problem with the structure, and if no one shares these things with authors, how can they address them, right?.

    Well, it is the POV characters for each chapter that are throwing me for a loop. Your writing, as I knew from all the other great stories you have written, is viscerally engrossing, to the point that one becomes entwined in that character . . . and then you change the chapter!. Each time it is like “Oh noes, what does they do next . . .” and you calmly go on to writing ANOTHER gratuitously enthralling characters view point. It is bad for my heart ! [/j/k]

    Mate. For some reason, though your Long Price books were such a pleasure for me, with their deep philosophy that did not mar the cogent results of stress on a society ( so often people who try to make Important Points don’t realise pigs need still be driven to market, and plumbers pipe away the town effluent, imho, and you aced the complexity of your world in a way that remains a kind of gold standard to me all these years later ) that I saw your name on a Dragon book and kinda went “Oh well, I suppose he has to sell books for a living, and Dragons will sell at the moment” and I scorned to read them. *hangs head in embarrassment*

    But you couldn’t write a bad book if you tried. LOVING them.

    Thank you so much.