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Tim Bradstreet is a God.

by Daniel Abraham

Once upon a time, there was a post here with images of some really cool Expanse posters.  But then a bunch of asshole pirate sites started reusing the images by linking to my ISP’s servers and driving the traffic through the roof.

*This* is whew can’t have nice things.

Tim Bradstreet?  Still a god, though.

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  1. Those numbers mean anything? And who is Tim Bradstreet? Honest questions.

  2. I love Tim Bradstreets cover work. Graphic novel adaptation in the works?

  3. Screening at NYCC? Any chance of local ABQ shindig?

  4. These look awesome! Really getting excited for December and June 2016 as well!
    Quick question which you may or may not know the answer to:
    Will the Expanse episodes be available for Amazon download shortly after they air on Syfy? The video-on-demand amazon not prime obviously. I don’t have cable but still want to watch and would love to support the show and your work with my $.

  5. *jaw dropped* Wowza!! Tim Bradstreet, “The Coolest Man in the World,” has done it again! Those look AMAZING!! I have to stop & stare each time I see them (& all of Bradstreet’s masterful work). Love the colors & fine details — love everything!! 🙂

  6. Saw the first episode at NYCC!! Impressive. Looking forward to watching the rest of the season. Also, they gave out copies of that first print to everyone in attendance. Was nice to meet some of the actors as well. Thomas Jane must be an interesting individual. He showed up to the panel without shoes, later saw him walking around NYCC and up an escalator still without shoes!!

  7. Is it just my wishful thinking, or does that resemble the type of cover art you would see on an RPG rule book?