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Early Expanse Screening!

by Ty Franck

I don’t have a ton of details yet or exact times, but on Thursday December 3rd Alcon will be presenting an early screening of The Expanse at the Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe, NM.




There will be two showings, one a private event with the people who made the show attending, and a second public screening to follow. Daniel and I will be there to introduce that second screening, and we’re hoping to have a few special guests hang around and talk to the audience too.

But Ty, how can I get into this once in a lifetime amazing event?!

I knew you’d ask. The easiest way will be to attend the book signing Daniel and I will be doing earlier that day at the same theater. Alcon has set aside fifty tickets to the second screening for the first fifty people to come to the signing. So come see Daniel and I earlier that day in Santa Fe, then stay in town and watch the first two episodes of our new show that night. Make a day of it for the whole family!

Daniel or I will post more details later when we have them, but the date of Dec 3rd is definite. All we’re waiting now is exact times for the signing and screening.

Hope to see you there!

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