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But James, where can *I* watch The Expanse?

by Ty Franck

Here are a few of the places you can watch the early Nov 23rd VOD release of The Expanse pilot episode.


Syfy On Demand,, SyFy Now App

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  1. So, anyplace for us Euros to watch it?

    • You should be able to stream it from the US Syfi site if you have software that hides your location or you can download it from the usual dodgy websites. Shame Syfi decided to show it in the states and block everyone else. Just air the show people. Iv read the books which are great and the series is a great adaptation though it should have been at least 13 episodes. Rumors are that series 2 will be longer.

  2. Helloooo! Just to clarify: does this digital premiere include just “Dulcinea”? Or will Episode 2 stream as well? THANKS

  3. What about Aussies? Will this be available down under?

  4. Very good premiere. Now with that cast, I am even more hopeful that Daniel can keep Ty from killing off any of the principles.

  5. SyFy really stuffed up the marketing for The Expanse. I and others I know have been sharing their social media posts for months and then the first episode gets released, and they geo-block everything! Everything is gone… I’m not even “liking” The Expanse on Facebook any more! What a slap in the face. At least I got to see the first episode before they blocked the whole page. Really wish we could finally get beyond this geo-blocking farce. It’s a great way to destroy your fan base.

    Great first episode by the way 🙂

  6. Was so looking forward to watching this, literally counting the days. Sadly, even though it was filmed in Toronto, one can’t watch it in Toronto (or the rest of Canada). That is really terrible.
    Ty or Dan, could you please let Syfy know that it really bothers us Canadians that we can be used for the cheap film sets, but then treated like the Belters of North America when it comes to enjoying the content.
    That being said, we are HUGE fans of the novels, and we would like to congratulate both of you on the show. From what everyone has been saying it looks great! Here’s hoping that Canada actually gets the series this December, and is not forced to wait for syndication.

  7. Well I for one loved the hell out of it. Expect more write ups from me. Here is my 10 reasons why The Expanse is must watch TV article:

  8. Daniel, I’m a huge fan. Leviathan was recommended to me shortly after its release and it takes credit for getting me back into reading. I’ve since had the pleasure to read some great series (Dagger and the Coin, The Black Sun’s Daughter, The Silo Series, Old Man’s War, The King Killer Chronicles, Gentleman Bastard, Takeshi Kovacs). However, when I’m in a conversation about good books, I always say “If you’re going to read just one, read Leviathan Wakes”. So thank you for re-sparking my love of reading after university had ruined it.

    Anyways, I just watched the first episode. Wow. They did an amazing job; my fears for the TV series have turned into excitement for the next episode. I really hope that people catch on to the show and we get many more seasons. Fingers crossed for its success.


  9. So very excited for this. Almost immediately upon starting the series I said to myself “I want to play this guy (Jim Holden) on TV”. While I’m a little disappointed you guys didn’t wait for me, I am crazy excited for this.

    I’ll spread the word and do my part to get this out (I have already recommended the series to everyone I know).

    If you are in need of minions or manual labor please let me know. I’m in ABQ and ready to spread the word and do the work.

  10. Any chance this will be broadcasted on other tv channels in other regions, or on netflix, hbo, Amazon etc.?

  11. Hello!

    What exactly is the problems with the rights which prohibit the show appearing in Germany? As far as I understand the posts above from Daniel Abraham, he doesn’t own the rights to the TV Series, correct? He only owns the rights to the books and the rights to the TV Series lies with these people from “Legendary”, is this correct?

    What I don’t understand, why do these people owning the rights to the TV Series think it is better business not to release a TV Series for some countries than releasing a TV Series for said countries. That does not make any sense to me (but for me the whole geoblocking thing makes no sense…). For me selling something to people brings ALWAYS more money than not selling it.

    Is there any schedule WHEN the TV Series will appear in Germany?

    Daniel Abraham+Ty Franck: Many Thanks for this great Series! At least I can read the books…

    Best regards,

  12. Great books. Listening to them for the second time on audiobooks now.

    However can we please get the tv series in Europe (Norway)as well?

    We got Netflix and HBO. And a few others….

    Don’t want to pirate this but I’m tired of waiting now….

  13. Hey guys. I really want to support this show! I’m Canadian, so finding a place to _give someone my money for it_ has been difficult.

    Then I see above you can just…watch it online at Space? Does letting it streaming on Space while I do other things support the continued running of the show somehow? Aside from screaming from the rooftops about it, how can I do my part to make sure it keeps going?