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The Spider’s War Release Date

by Daniel Abraham

The Dagger and the Coin series is complete.

The Dagger and the Coin

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    • So excited. The Dagger and The Coin series is the best fantasy series with the past ten year. Much better than A Song of Fire and Ice!

  1. Around 60 percent through your novel and struggling to put it down. You seem fairly sure you are done with this series though, are you sure there’s not even some room for a short story?

    I have been looking forward to this one so much I almost regret in a few days time I will no longer have the anticipation of thinking about what will happen next!

  2. I think this five-part story is the best thing you have written so far. And it is very, very good. The care with which you constructed and followed each of the viewpoint characters, the depth of the plot and the world in which it takes place, the satisfying way that the story unfolds all combine to make this – in my view – a worthy successor to the best works of Herbert and Heinlein.

    It’s amazing that you completed this in a timely fashion, given all of the projects you are currently involved with. Looking at your most recent post, I gather that you need some time to catch your breath and prioritize. No surprise there. But please don’t stop.

  3. No spoilers, but with the few dangling plot threads left at the end of the story, is there any hope of a return to this world?

    This series was superb. I didn’t know what to expect after how riveted I was to the Long Price Quartet, but I feel like Dagger and Coin was even better.

    Thank you. 🙂

  4. Building on what Mark said it seems pretty obvious to me that choices were made that left room for another book/series (or at the very least a novella.)

    Repetitive foreshadowing and location mentions as setup could have been easily avoided and certain minor plot changes would have made the possibility moot without meaningfully changing the ending.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see…
    I certainly wouldn’t mind more books in the Dagger and Coin world.

  5. Now that the series is complete, what are the chances of a
    fantastic box set of this incredible series?

  6. You have now given us the completed works of the Long Price Quartet and Dagger and Coin, and you’re writing and publication efficiency is astounding! Which of your works can I look forward to buying next?

  7. Loved these books!!!! I was only sad that it was finally over, I feel like I’ve lost some very good friends, I got pretty attached to the characters 🙂 Thank you so much for writing these books!!!

  8. What a great ending to a fantastic series. I was so looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. I still wish Yardem had his own book but I am so glad you didn’t kill off Marcus. Thanks for the very satisfying resolution! Delightful.

  9. Hi Daniel. I’ve only recently come to your books, the Dagger & Coin series in fact. I am glad to have this opportunity to congratulate you, very sincerely. Your plots are intricate and interesting, and your characters just that – very individual, and a pleasure to identify with in their humanness. I mostly enjoy the way you describe moments – the setting, the situation, the mood, and then that style of change. You have a rare gift to be able to describe like an Impressionist – a few colourful wordstrokes to vividly evoke visions of landscape and moods and passages of weather, and then a few more to invite us into the minds and hearts of your people as they feel, ponder and act. I have found myself taking the rare pleasure of re-reading paragraphs and passages, just to savour them with a mental smile. So colourful and jauntily clever. You have obviously noticed a great deal indeed of the detail and quirks of Life and people around you, and relished them. Marvellous.
    I do have to add my gratitude that you have not fallen for the ploy of applying lashings of injustice, relentless failure, and buckets of depressing human cruelty. Your players do encounter a healthy sufficiency of tough challenges within and without, and you consistently surprise and intrigue with plot and decision. I confess the only moment of doubt I had was the burning of Vanai. But no, you seem to effortlessly dance clear of the rampant modern fatal temptation toward a simplistic sensationalism of grinding disaster – presumably born of a desperation for notoriety and sales. You, (thank everything good!) deserve a vigorous renown for skill alone. Congratulations.
    Thankyou again, for your gift, and your joy in it.
    Warm regards, Warwick.

  10. Well I can’t see that you have a personal forum anywhere except these book comments, so I’m going to chuck in the first thing, purely because I have to, and knowing it will alienate and devalue the second thing that occurs to me, which won’t be about stories, because it’ll never get near you, but I guess will become a sort of hate letter to whoever has been put in charger of this. They may well have been put in charge by you, which is not their fault, but at the same time, they claim to be qualified to do it. WHAT THE FUCK do you think you’re doing by purchasing a domain name syfi, linking to it throughout your forums and website, and then having it be, not an actual website devoted to science fiction and fantasy, but a fucking disgracefully flash heavy website promoting one of your books?? What fucking PR agent told you that was a good idea??

  11. You’re an incredible writer! Why would you be so cheap with yourself?

  12. And, apparently comments have to moderated. So you actually censor everything that’s said about you? Why? I’m being antagonistic just because I recently arrived home from a party, drunk, and this comment is literally only for your censors. I assume you trust and love each other. Why build the wall? Why this feeling of vulnerability? The books are great. They stand. Where is this fear coming from that one negative comment could ruin everything?

    • I moderate comments to keep offensive bullshit out of my site. This site is my house. I am the moderator of the comments here, so understand the person you’re antagonizing is me.

      Hope it was a good party.

  13. I am seriously curious about why you didn’t take an appropriate domain name to advertise with though. Also it occurred to me that, if, by a long shot you decide to address a crazy australian beach bums comments, you probably shouldn’t have a fictional email address. I amended it. I should also note that I’ve recently arrived home, and am very tempted to send inflammatory comments every hour, on the hour, but I’m quite aware that I’ve probably already got myself barred for life. That’s what happens when you think too much about an “enemy”, and turn them into a diary.

    • Still don’t know which site you’re talking about. This blog is the only site I’ve got. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t send inflammatory comments every hour just to see if you can piss me off.

  14. Ah well that’s terrible, because I think you’re completely fantastic, I adore your books, but to be honest, and I hope you moderate this, but if not, it’ll serve me right, I am very drunk. And I suspect feeling angrily betrayed when, which I was thinking would be a delightful website, but then overloaded my phone with flashing images of the expanse and pop ups was probably not a particularly rational trigger point. I may have panicked. I attributed fault not only where it didn’t belong, but where there was for none for anyone. So, I guess, I think I hope the sincere apology of a fan, is enough to lighten the ignorance and worry of the same. I also feel lighter than a feather saying this. And I felt the same whilst condemning you for false advertising. Not sure if that confirms that I’m terrible or simply that thoughts shift. Either way. I’m not worried. I’ve made the best apology I can, and from here, I’ll never really know if it was believed. Keep writing. You’re fantastic and your books are a jog.

  15. Hahaha. Oh dear. The most important sentence of all. Joy. I meant joy

  16. Daniel,

    I just want to say what a huge fan I am of this series. Scouring the web for the kind of authentic fantasy tellings I enjoy is not easy, but you’ve hit precisely the mark I’m looking for. A very mature and responsible approach toward fantasy tropes oft overstated. It’s your taste that sets you apart for me, and the literary world is a lot richer with The Dagger and the Coin series in it. Thank you!

    – Kyle

    • Glad those worked for you. I had a lot of fun with them.

      • Hi Daniel,

        I came back to this comment that I left once before because I didn’t really know where else to send an email or such to reach out.

        I’m an aspiring writer who is somewhere between beginner and intermediate, and your writing is kind of a go-to source of inspiration for me. If you ever find time in your schedule, I was wondering if you could offer any advice. I seem to struggle with being coherent and clear-cut, and I think of your prose as being free of clutter; very to the point. Anything you have to say about that, or writing in general, would be invaluable to me. Thanks for all that you do!

  17. I just read the first four books over the span of a week, and I am about to read The Spider’s War. That being said, I think I found your inspiration (kidding):