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More Bobbie Stuff

by Ty Franck

Entertainment Weekly released an interview with Naren Shankar on the casting of Bobbie Draper, and along with it a few early photos of the Martian Marine in her natural habitat. Go check it out.


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  1. Cool! ty!

  2. Put the armor on! Honestly, about a month or so ago was looking for some SiFi to listen too (Audible member) and i ran across the first book in the Expanse series. At first, I’m not sure I was listening to what I like to. Since that Audible book I’ve listen to three other novels and two novelals. What a ride! Now here’s the kicker: since last summer I was hearing about the Syfy channel series The Expanse. Slow burner that I am, it didn’t click in my noggin that the books I was listening to so advitly and the series where the same! My wife and I both are hooked on it.
    I’d say Bobbie is my favorite, but I’d change my mind in few minutes to one of the other characters.
    It’s rare that writers can actually pull of making two homocidal psychopaths into people that you want to sympathise with (Amos and Peaches). I’m sure people are sitting on the edge of their seat to see if they turn romantic.
    Thanks for the roller coaster ride guys!