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Toronto Diary: Day One

by Daniel Abraham

Despite the best efforts of the Gods of Travel and through the kind graces of Amy Cuthbertson, we have arrived in Toronto for filming.  Ty suggests that we document our time here on this, the blog we sometimes seem to forget we have.  It is our intention to share our field notes here like the explorers of old, only with indoor plumbing and someone to drive us to and from work and a little less overt colonialism.

Tomorrow, I may brave the half-block to the local bodega, and maybe the pancake joint.

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  1. Hey there. The show caught my eye & I became a fan with episode #1. So I started with Syfy, and now I’m reading Leviathan Wakes, in the gorgeously produced Subterranean Press edition (just started it & loving it). I have Caliban’s War on pre-order, too (I’m #325), and I’m hoping SubPress has contracted with you to publish all of The Expanse volumes (have they?). Tell me – how does Leviathan Wept fit into all this? Looking forward to season two on Syfy with avid anticipation. All the best!

    • Welcome and well met. I don’t know how many of the Expanse books Subterranean have contracted for because that was actually a sub rights deal directly with Orbit, but I hope it will be the full run. Subterranean Press is a great house filled with people I genuinely like and the books they put out are awesome.

      Leviathan Wept doesn’t fit in with any of it at all except that the title’s weirdly similar and also came out from Sub Press. It’s a collection of my short stories, one of which invoked Hobbes’ Leviathan. The Expanse is much more the biblical Leviathan. It’s like being in an office with three guys named Dave.

  2. Toronto, The Expanse and all us blokes involved have missed you dearly and are very gllad you and the Tyster are back. Looking forward to seeing you soon and enjoying some pancakes. 🙂 xo

  3. Love the books. Love the show. Eagerly awaiting the next book and the start of the new season.