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Toronto Diary Day Two

by Ty Franck

Roll out of bed 11ish, wander to French joint to get brunch (Brunch is where drinking champagne at noon doesn’t feel like you have a problem) then wander back to hotel.

Getting to transition back into the production schedule gently is not a bad thing. Looking over some script pages to give notes. It makes us feel like we’re doing work without actually feeling like we’re working.

I can tell it’s hitting the end of the production cycle though, because I ran into Naren Shankar, our show runner, in the hotel lobby and he had that thousand yard stare he gets when we work him too hard.

Tomorrow at 8am the real fun starts. Lots of ep 213 production meetings, and a visit to our VFX department to look at all the new goodies Bob Munroe and his people have put together.

Our director shows up Tuesday to start his prep. Then the heavy lifting begins.

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  1. Nice to see a Toronto diary from youse guys. Do you pronounce the second ‘t’ still, or have you learned to say it like a local yet?

  2. Will the episodes and episode 213 follow the books? Looking forward to what’s in store for season two of the Expanse!