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Toronto Diary Day Three

by Daniel Abraham

Woke at 7am local time (5 am back at home) from a complex dream involving a dysfunctional writer’s workshop run by an abusive psychic with a penchant for musical theater. Went to work.

Without love, it ain't much

Without love, it ain’t much

Saw Rob Lieberman directing Sean Doyle (Errenwright) and Shoreh Agdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala) and the crew I remember and love.  Then a preliminary meeting preparing for our director’s arrival tomorrow and a sound meeting to discuss how to approach the earlier episodes.  Then several hours of conversation about continuity and character arcs, then pretty great chicken tikka masala, and then hours of work tweaking the script we wrote, incorporating changes from Mark Fergus and Naren Shankar, and checking versions and documentation to make sure the version we’re making has all the newest scenes and none of the old ones WHICH IS STILL GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

16 hours so far.  Not done.  First full day of actual work.  We call it the glamorous life.

(Published with 7 minutes left in Day 3, & steaming on into tomorrow…)

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  1. Will there be any scenes on the Expanse where Naomi sings? I remember in the book “Leviathan Wakes” there was a scene where Naomi was singing karaoke.

  2. Could there be a gag reel/blooper reel of season two of the Expanse? Just an idea

  3. Pretty sure Canadian labor laws stipulate that after 11 hours you have to put down the laptop and sleep for at least 4 hours.