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Toronto Diary Day Five

by Daniel Abraham

Today: meetings with the props folks, and the people that design all the playbacks on the screens inside the show. A couple conversations about some marketing stuff that I don’t get to talk about, and the final polish on the last script of season two before it flies off to the network…

…and then dinner where among other things, we talked about the next rounds of tweaks on the script.

Me, Ty, Naren Shankar, Wes Chatham, and the remains of a very pleasant dinner.

Me, Ty, Naren Shankar, Wes Chatham, and the remains of a very pleasant dinner.

One of the things that’s been most interesting for me in this whole process — and there is a great deal of this that’s been fascinating — is coming to understand how much a script never stops being rewritten. Naren said that once the last script is off to the network, he feels like the real writing season is finally done, *and* there will be notes from the network that we’ll be working on soon, and changes that we make once the actors all see it and we start getting feedback from them, and then adjustments on the day of filming.  But then we’ll have all the footage shot… and it still won’t be over.

Lines will be lost in the editing room or added in ADR.  The editors will take all the work we’ve done and reform it into the best filmed version of it that we can make.  All of the “well it sounded good in my head” moments will get reconsidered, reworked, recut, and fit together.

And then the VFX and color correction will come in and it’ll be like we’re seeing it again fresh for the first time.  And then the sound mix will come through and things that I didn’t know weren’t already tight will tighten up.

But tonight, the heavy lifting of the writing season is over.

Soon, the work begins…

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  1. we need to get you a phone with a better camera… Not complaining! …just …you know, noticing. Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming, fun read while we wait for the Protomolecule-Goes-To-Ganymede Show!

  2. Once the filming is done for The Expanse, will there be a set date on the SyFy channel, and will there be a blooper reel feature?