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Toronto Diary Day Seven

by Daniel Abraham

There is wisdom in the adage “measure twice, cut once.”

Producing television takes this and doubles down, then doubles down again, then goes a little farther with it, then rechecks its figures.  Not so much “measure twice” as “measure another couple times, check to see that the folks you’re talking to are using the same kind of ruler that.. wait, no this is metric and all the notes were in imperial. I don’t know. Does it make more sense to convert the measurements we already have, or should we remeasure everything so we’re all using the same ruler? Because if we use math, there’s the chance that we’ll get the conversion wrong and it just adds more noise into the system.  And I think they used a cloth tape in wardrobe, is that going to cause a problem if Tony’s using a metal tape on the sets, or are they close enough.  I mean if they’re both metric.”

Looks like we all got the "grey shirts" memo

Looks like we all got the “grey shirts” memo

Today we began with a VFX/SFX/Stunt meeting which meant going through every scene in the script, identifying what VFX (those are the wholly digital bits), what special effects (those are practical effects like squibs and sparks), and what exactly we would be asking of our stunt folks.

Then the very first music spotting session where we went through the first two episodes with Clinton Shorter who is back to score the second season, much to everybody’s delight, mine not the least.

While we’re doing all of this, filming is burning ahead on the sets. Rob Lieberman and the main cast are over on some of my favorite sets of the show getting us ready to begin the end.

I also got some laundry done last night. Turns out the washer and dryer in the residence hotel are small enough that the wardrobe I brought in my carry-on is three separate loads.  Other things I didn’t expect to learn while making tv shows.

Also, and unrelated, this:


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  1. Great video! I think it was cool to hear what all happens at the VFX.