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Toronto Diary Day Nine

by Daniel Abraham

Another relatively calm day, what with the weekend being the weekend and all.  Went to a Blue Jays game a short walk from the hotel along with a bunch of the other Expanse crew and cast and folk of all sort.  We rooted for the home team, and that went quite well.

Birds in space.

Birds in space.

Then rehearsal with the Roci crew at Steven Strait’s place. It’s fascinating to work through the fine points on a script with people who are as deeply focused on a character as you are, especially when you’re used to being the expert on the subject. This is one of the reasons it’s often a bad idea to have the writers of the original project be part of the writing team that adapts is — it would be really easy to get precious and start telling the actors who the characters are and how to play them. But the truth of the matter is that Steven’s Holden and Dominique’s Naomi and Cas’ Alex and Wes’ Amos — all the versions of the characters that all the cast have built up — are as real and important to them as anyone I’ve written is to me.

Canonicity is a weird idea and one that I’ve been uncomfortable with for a long time. This evening was one of the examples of why not hewing too close to one interpretation of a character of story can be glorious thing. It was a great conversation, it will make the script and the show deeper and better and more interesting…

…but it does mean we’ll be doing some rewrites tomorrow.

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  1. Hope the relationship between Holden and Naomi will be featured in season two, just like how it is shown in the books 🙂