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Toronto Diary Day Fourteen

by Ty Franck

An on set day.

Spent the day on one set, watching basically one scene over and over again. This is the secret about making a TV show that most people don’t know. Most days? It’s boring as shit.

First, shoot the master. This is the big wide shot that gives the geography of the scene. All the characters in one shot, all the movement, all in one shot.

Then we start shooting the two shots. These are the camera angles with two of the characters in them at the same time. Then we turn the cameras around, and shoot everything from the other side. Then we shoot coverage, which is each character in close up.

And in every single version of this, it’s the exact same location, and the characters are speaking the exact same lines.

I did this for twelve hours today, on a single set, with a single scene.

Plus side: The scene had Bobbie and Avasarala.

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  1. Ah the glamourous life of a TV actor and producer. One of the reasons why I stuck to theatre and never went in for TV or film. It’s not nearly as boring to create