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Toronto Diary Day Fifteen

by Daniel Abraham

Technically, today began with finishing up the shoot and limping home shortly after midnight, but judging by the common idiom of sleep cycles, we haven’t been into the office today. We did have a quite lovely dinner with Frankie Adams and her gentleman, though.

Fan Expo Canada is going on walking distance from my hotel room right now.  I walked by folks in the clothing of my people — cosplayers, congoers, and folks with geeky t-shirts — on my way to the grocery store earlier on.  There’s going to be an Expanse panel there, if it wasn’t already done today. A bunch of the actors are going (or have gone).  But me? Locked in the tower with copy edits.  If I can get through another 50 pages before bed, I’m going to reward myself with a walk to a bookstore tomorrow.  If I don’t…

It’s a little weird being both an on-set supervising producer for a television show and a science fiction novelist. It’s even weirder being about half of both, with Ty carrying the slack when I falter.  All in all, I’d say he and I both have about a job and a half worth of work right now.  Given that the show runner appears to have about three jobs worth, I feel like we’re doing pretty well. But the part where we sit on laurels and avoid effort hasn’t kicked in yet.

So without much news to add since yesterday, I’ll make do with:

— I heard something unconfirmed and unofficial about the streaming deal on the show which makes me hopeful.
The Verge thinks we’re quite bingeable.
— I’ve seen cover art for Book 7, and it’s great
— A good copy editor is worth their weight in gold
— Naps are good (but you probably already knew that).


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