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Toronto Diary Day Seventeen

by Daniel Abraham

Labor day.  A day of rest and contemplation of the fruits that the labor movement has brought to our lands: 5 day weeks, 8 hour workdays, child labor laws, health and safety standards. Speaking as a member of the WGA and a card-carrying union man, I stand with labor today as every day.  Only today, not at the office.

Because I’m in my hotel room, reviewing copy edits.  Because they’re due tomorrow.

I did take a couple hours off to go upstairs and meet with the director and some of the actors who are filming tomorrow so we could do a little rehearsal and be ready to hit the ground — which is to say the set — running in the morning.  I understand that not every show has a cast that chooses to meet on the weekends and prep for the show, but all the rehearsals I’ve attended have been civilized, interesting conversations.  Often with wine or coffee, and always with brilliant company.

The week coming up?  It will be awesome.  And it will kick my ass.

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  1. Possible typo in “member go the WGA”

    Or “Member Go!” is a new Japanese thing I haven’t caught onto yet.