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Toronto Diary Day Twenty-three

by Daniel Abraham

It’s been a little rowdy, folks, so I feel I owe y’all something a little more substantive than pictures, however amusing they may be.

Yesterday was the wrap party.  That doesn’t mean we’re actually wrapped.  The tradition is to put the party on the last weekend of the shoot rather than waiting for the whole thing to really be well and truly over so that as the actors finish their last scenes of the season, they can head off to their next gigs or their families or a little well-earned vacation.  And with our cast especially, there are a lot of places to which we’re scattering — the UK, New Zealand, New York, Los Angeles. This was the last moment when we were all — cast and crew — together as a family. We had this year’s party at a gallery space with food and drink and a running slide show from the year’s work.  We watched a blooper reel and a fun iPhone-shot music video by Joel the Assistant Director and scenes from the first episodes of season two.  We had speeches from the show runners and the president of Alcon’s television division.

And we shut the joint down.  At 2am, the turned the lights on and told us we had to go home. At that point, all the main cast was still there. That may not sound like a big deal, but it kind of is.

It is not uncommon, at the end of a shoot, for people to be kind of ready to take a break from each other. That isn’t true with The Expanse this year. Over the last couple years working together, things have become if anything more comfortable.

We had some guests who came as friends of the show too, including Ted Chiang who’s in town for the Toronto International Film Festival and the premiere of Arrival.

After that, we went to the Director of Photography’s condo for a smaller after-party, and I crawled home about 4am.

Today was the Canadian Film Centre fund raising barbecue — Bob Munroe, our head of VFX is on the board — and the world premiere of The Promise directed by Terry George (of Hotel Rwanda fame) and featuring our very own Shohreh Agdashloo.

So that was the last weekend.  We began this in April. We end on Wednesday.

Which isn’t true either.  We finish shooting the raw footage which goes to the editors and directors, the studio and the network, which we fit together with VFX and sound and music and color correction.  If the writing room is step one, this is the end of step two.  Step three — the last one before it comes to y’all — is already underway, but can now take the focus of our time and effort.

And the conversations about how to promote the show is starting to gear up too, at least for those of us who now have a few spare cycles that the shoot isn’t taking up.  NYCC is going to be a thing for us.  Ty and I will be there, and there will be an Expanse panel, though the details of that are still getting worked out.  Our friends at Syfy have had a crew on set interviewing the cast and preparing to roll out their own promotions.  There are conversations going on about some other ways in which The Expanse may well be expanding even more in the next few months.  And I’ll put the details about that out here as I can.  Short form: we’re going to want y’all’s help singing this from the mountaintops when season two drops, and there are going to be some surprising and wonderful voices in the chorus with you.

In the meantime, we’re working through the final galley proofs of Babylon’s Ashes (actually really-and-for-true coming out December 6th) and a couple other James SA Corey related prose things, planning out book 7…

…and Season Three.

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  1. Will there be a blooper reel that we get to see?

  2. Season 3- YES!!!!!