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New York Comic Con!!!

by Ty Franck

So Daniel and I will be at NYCC this year, doing a number of events. We have a booth signing at the Orbit booth on Saturday starting at 11am. And for those who line up early, we’ll be giving out some small props we stole from the TV show. These are things that actually appeared on the camera and were handled by the actors, so they’re unique collector’s items. They’re first come first served, and supplies are limited, so line up early!

Also, we’ll have a life size standee of Frankie Adams in full Bobbie Draper regalia that you totally want your picture taken with. So come see us. Oh, and we have an Expanse panel that same day at 3pm with a bunch of the cast. So that might be fun too.


Click to Embiggen!

Click to Embiggen!

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  1. Love the tri-barrel miniature gatling gun in the right arm…

  2. Her hair definitely needs to be tied back somehow. She’ll never get her helmet on like that :-). Not to mention how dangerous free floating long hair would be inside a helmet in zero gee. You could easily wind up inhaling it and choking.

  3. I wish I could’ve made it to this. I really wish The Expanse and Funko would team up to make some Funko pops of the show!