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A great wealth of Expanse news, not all of which I can share

by Daniel Abraham

Hey, folks.  Been a while, and I have some news to share.

First off, if you haven’t seen it, the season 2 release date announcement is accompanied by a spiffy trailer.

Second, a reminder that season one is on Netflix globally (with the exceptions of US, Canada, and New Zealand), and will be streaming on Amazon Prime in the US in a little less than a month.

Third, I don’t get to talk about, except that I’ve heard some interesting rumors surrounding some audiobook stuff that, if they come to fruition, would be genuinely awesome.  Keep your dial tuned here and your ears sharp…

And finally, Babylon’s Ashes will hit shelves on December 6, and we’re doing a few signings to support it. If you’re nearby any of those, come hang out.  We’d love to see you.

Tuesday, December 6
6 PM: Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM
Friday, December 9
7:30 PM: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
Saturday, December 10
5 PM: Borderlands, San Francisco, CA

So that’s what I’ve got.  How’re all y’all doing?

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  1. Doing so much better now that you’ve updated us! I love the Expanse! The politics, the action, the characters! My ONLY request is that you keep the “paranormal” aspect a bit in check.. This shouldn’t be X-Files in space! Love your work though!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you guys in San Francisco in December!

  3. Hi! Looking forward to seeing you guys in SF! One question, will any cast members be at the book signing?

  4. Any chance of some international book tour stuff in the New Year? I’ll buy you both ponies.

  5. Just wondering if we’ll see anything else from the Dagger and the Coin universe?

    There is so much potential remaining there.

    13 races, Dragon labs etc.

    Love you work by the way!

  6. Just finished Babylon’s Ashes and the one thing that struck me was that it had been so long since the last book that I couldn’t remember who all these characters were. You should have put a “dramatis personae” section up front to remind us where we last saw them :-).

    P.S. I always wondered if authors are frustrated by working on a book for months and years, only to have readers zip through them in 2 days and say “Where’s the next one?”.

  7. Just finished Babylon’s Ashes this morning. I really admired some of the risks you both took in changing how you wrote this part of the series.

    Thinking back to Nemesis Games, I feel like that these two novels were the flip and burn needed to bring us safely to our future destination.

    Hope you guys make it out to the Mid-Atlantic some time.

  8. I enjoyed meeting you and Ty! Will there be a book tour for Persepolis Rising?

  9. No place to ask a question about something in The Expanse book: Why name a ship the Guy Molinari? I looked him up. Sounded like a homophobe who used unkind tactics to keep a gay woman from winning a political office some time back.

    • I wasn’t naming it after the man so much as the Staten Island ferry I used to ride on to work (which was, granted, named after the man). I thought having a transport named after the Staten Island Ferry was funny.

      • And thanks for weaving diversity and multiculturalism into your characters. As an African American who enjoys sci-fi, it is always validating to have an array of people in these stories. An array of people who JUST HAPPEN to be whatever they are. (I also value the breaking of gender stereotypes.) The people of color don’t necessarily have to be a lead protagonist, though I like that as well. (In my head, I’ve embodied Miller with Denzel Washington.)

        Holding off on watching the tv series until I’ve finished the book.

        Picked the book up at the local bookstore the day after the election. Needed the comfort of a bookstore, the heft of a real book, and the escapism of a good sci-fi novel.

      • I’ve been loving “The Expanse” on Syfy and telling anyone who will listen to check it out. I noticed the name Guy Molinari, and being a Staten Islander I followed up and that led me here. (Glad the ship was named after the ferry and not the man, never cared for him.) So, just wondering if you are from S.I. or when you lived here. We need all the home town heroes we can get. I came to your work through TV, but look forward to reading the books!

      • It IS funny! I ride that ferry all the time, but wish our ferry wasn’t named after our ex Congressman, ex borough prez.

      • Once I saw the Guy Molinari reference I knew you had to be from the Rock. Nice throwback moment, thanks!

      • Great touch. Being a denizen of The Rock, I certainly enjoyed seeing it, though my favorite ferry is the Cornelius G. Kolff; unfortunately it was attacked by a giant octopus in 1963.

  10. Will there be a novella about Jim Holden, and a novella about Naomi Nagata?

  11. Is the secret audiobook news that the expanse novellas are being released in audiobook form?

    I hope that this is the case.

  12. Hi
    This book seems to be the first where the trade paperback hasn’t been released at the same time as the hardcover. This means that people who have collected all the books in the series need to wait 5 or 6 months to read this great series so that our shelves look uniform(sad I know lol!). I’m the UK it may only come out in mass market paperback which would suck! Is this anything you have say over or is it a publisher thing? Keep making great stories.

  13. Is there an update to the Audiobook tease that you were hinting at above? (myself, I’m praying that it’s Jefferson Mayes will be re-recording Cibola Burn). Either way, the suspense has been hindering my every day goings on.


  14. You just totally made my day! Thanks to both of you for all your amazing work. In these days of Trump, I find myself in need of serious distraction and diving back to your future world again and again is just what the doctor ordered.
    On an imaginary side note, what I wouldn’t give to see a head on debate between Chrisjen Avasarala and Donald Trump.

    • Real Fred, there is no need to bring politics into this forum. I could easily say that I am reading The Expanse as a distraction from non-stop fake accusations against Trump from the left. Maybe Amos could push Chuck Schumer out of an airlock.

  15. Two questions, if I may? Will there be a novella about Chrisjen Avasarala? I am really happy by the attention which this amazing character got in the show. And hopefully she will get even more in the next season.

    And the question of all questions. Are there any concrete news about the merchandise? Besides the one about the incoming boardgame, which is definitely encouraging. But we need more, much more.

  16. This is a very late response but I love all the interesting names of the ships. I recognized Guy Molinari right away having lived in the NYC area for 32 years. I also love the other clever names such as Sally Ride (MCRN vessel) and the Mark Whatney. That is just wonderful stuff! Makes it fun to read the books over almost as a treasure hunt. And then there are funny easter eggs in the show too, such as when Alex says “that first step is a doozy” reminiscent of Groundhog Day. Can’t wait for Season 3!! and the rest of the books as well.

  17. I was wondering if there willl be any more expanse novels concerning the crew of the Rocinante, as the end of Babylons ashes seemed like a finale to to the exploits of Holden, Naomi, Alex, Amos, Bobbi and Clarissa – I have to say the addition of Clarissa was surprising, and actually pleasant – always knew Bobbi was going to end up part of the crew when you introduced her as a character in the second book.I am hoping more to their story is coming, especially as there are at least two more story arcs presented in the last two books, namely the mystery of what occupies that in between space, and the rogue martian navy.

  18. Love the books! My grown son prefers audio books. So he tried the first one. And is hooked. I’ve devoured them all including your most recent, rereading as many as three times. Hoping Miller reappears before the end.
    So, what will you guys do after this? Got another space drama we can look forward to reading?