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Some cool news!

by Ty Franck

So this happened!

Thank you everyone.  A lot of people worked very hard on this show, and it’s so gratifying to see that their efforts resonated with the fans.





And here’s the Season 3 writer’s room starting up!

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  1. Well deserved. Very happy to see this.

  2. A well deserved nomination and some awesome writers, season 2 isn’t even over but I still can’t wait for season 3!

  3. Congratulations to you, Ty, James, and the whole show crew!

  4. So, re: the writers’ room, is that all of you in the photo? Really hoping to see Robin Veith and Dan Nowak returning; they both delivered excellent episodes this season.

  5. I’ve read the whole series of Expanse books. Will there be anymore books?

  6. I am glad a friend of mine put me onto this show in time that I could vote for the Hugo nomination.
    I have been waiting 60 years for this show!
    The Expanse is a really great solar system science fiction story, as TV visual narrative.
    The influences here are John W. Campbell Astounding, H.L. Gold’s Galaxy and Anthony Boucher’s Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction an era spans from 1938 to the present.
    It is the uses the verisimilitude of prose SF as it developed in the 40s and 50s by many SF writers, like Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, James Blish , and continued by Larry Niven and about 100 other writers into modern times.
    Love this show, thought something like this would never happen, and now it has!

  7. This might be a little off the TV series but it’s related to the E-Books and the short stories.

    As I much prefer actually holding a book in my hands I was wondering if you have a plan to do what is called a “fix-up” novel, publishing all the stories in one book?

    If the current plan for the series is to run until a conclusion in Book 9, then it would make a great book 10, a “Tales of the Expanse” much like Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have done with their Dune short stories this year (Tales of Dune: Expanded Edition from Word Fire Press ISBN: 9781614755883).

    Just a thought…

    Terry from Adelaide, South Australia