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A Message from Naren Shankar, show runner of The Expanse

by Daniel Abraham

I guess now we really all are Belters. A tribe without a country.

I've been on shows that were so awful and so awful to work on, that I would pray for 
cancellation (mercifully granted). I've been on shows that had good, long runs, 
so when the end came it was okay because we’d said what we wanted to say and 
we could go out with some dignity. But I have never been on a show where the 
story, the characters, the look, the sound, the audience engagement, the reviews, 
everything were clicking like The Expanse. So getting cancelled now, like this... 
I'm still trying to put my head around it.

The passion of our fans has been matched only by the passion of the incredibly 
talented cast and crew who put their hearts and souls into every episode. 
Thank you all for that. 

Alcon TV Studios is doing everything they can to find continued life for the series. 
In the meantime, keep watching and (hopefully) raving — and making noise. Let 
people know what they’ve been missing.  We are only halfway through the season and 
there is SO MUCH MORE to come. You will not want to miss it. 

Yam Seng Beltalowda!

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  1. I do not watch much television. Even when I start some “critically acclaimed” series, I usually lose interest soon because the plots are obvious or tedious.

    However, none of that applies to the Expanse. The Expanse is well developed, with fantastic characters, great great storyline, and even better visuals. Heck, the Nauvoo passing Miller overhead is something that is going to be hard to beat for space fans.

    I am going to soak in every last scene. Thank you for creating the BEST television out there and

    Godspeed, belters.

    • Want to hear something funny???? Just started rereading the “ The Expanse” books for the umpteenth time, and for every character that are both in the tv series and in the books, I can “picture” and “ hear” the words on each page said by the actors from the tv series. I hope and pray that someone picks up the series for season 4; because I can’t get enough.
      Oi, pampaw !!!!!!!

  2. Yes, The Expanse is probably my favorite Sci-Fi show on in the past few years. Shame on SyFi for cancelling another of my favorite shows, and if anyone from SyFi is reading this know that this is the last straw, after The Magicians are gone I will NOT be watching ANY NEW SYFI SHOWS EVER!

  3. Pashang yeah, beratna!

  4. I wrote a blog post last fall on my site called “Read the Book Then Watch it.” It highlighted The Expanse as the only example I’ve seen of where the media actually exceeds the written word. When I tell people about the show, I can’t help but explain the why: “It’s the original authors getting space and money to re-write what they’ve already done with the goal of making it better. And they’ve done it! More characterization. More detail. More tension in every scene!” This news breaks my heart. You two are living a dream I’ve had as a writer and I want to tell you that you’ve done a fantastic job of it. In fact, I was looking up a way to get your email(s) to write you a short letter to congratulate you on your success and tell you how much I admire both the novels and the work on the show when I discovered this terrible news. Daniel, if you will, please share this with Ty. I will watch tonight’s airing with a heavy heart. How wonderful of SyFy to have given you the opportunity. How short sighted of them to take it away.

  5. Just came here to share some love for the show.
    Best thing on TV since BSG.
    Will have to read the books and imagine the accents if no one picks it up

  6. It’s now been picked up by Amazon. Syfi seems to be a terrible place for sci-fi shows, especially with linear TV on the decline.

    It baffles me that in my country so called piracy is the only option to watch a show, even though a lot of distribution channels exist. I believe paying for it would send a stronger message than signing a petition…

  7. Well, just two thoughts:

    The series has for sure started off as one of the best ScFi series ever and I still really love to watch every episode. However, from my point of view you have to admit two things:

    a) During the course of the show the plot developed more and more away from what was originally devised in the books. This is not necessarily a bad thing! Bringing in Avasarala early was a really good move for example, but I honestly have to say that there have been so many needless insertions, that do not bring the story forward but rather give the characters a chance to say “something cool” (which unfortunately isn’t) that my overall perception of the show dropped considerably.

    On recent example: Why does Naomi have to make a breakaway to the belters only to come back afterwards? Yes I do understand that we need to visualize the conflict between her and Holden, but giving it such an extra arc? Why do we need see Bobbie’s conflict between her loyalty to Mars and her friendship with Holden? Honestly? I doesn’t do anything good to the story but is just a way to create an artificial conflict so that favorite characters have something to say.

    You can see something similar with Game of Thrones when the scriptwriters have surpassed the story in the books – it becomes just more and more shallow. And the reason is probably not that the writers are stupid but rather that they simply do not have the time to play around with ideas for months/years until they come around with a really convincing plot.

    b) The other problem is probably simply due to the business mechanics: I was wondering why I (as a non-US person) was not able to leave any comments on ScFi-Channels website about the show. Well, the answer seems to be that ScFi-Channel only has the distribution rights for the US and here also only for the TV-channel. So if you cannot exploit the fastest growing distribution channels (streaming and overseas) then why the heck should you invest so much money into this project? There may be others where you *can* do that.

    So long story short: (a) may probably a reason for the declining audience and (b) may be be the reason why ScFi eventually pulled the plug.

    I hope that you’ll find someone else (with maybe a better contract) that will take the show over and maybe this also gives you time to also think a little bit more about (a).

    I would love to see more of the show.
    Best wishes!