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A Worldcon Clarification

by Daniel Abraham

Because it came up elsewhere: Yes, I am only appearing on one panel at Worldcon.  No, it is not because I was unwilling to do more.  If you check out how much I’m doing at Bubonicon this weekend, you’ll see it’s much more than one panel. I ain’t saying success won’t spoil me, just that I’m holding out for more success before I get all spoilt.  🙂

Caliban Speaks!

by Daniel Abraham

Which is to say has Caliban’s War as an audiobook releasing today, complete with Jefferson May.

Valente, von Trier, and Obstructions

by Daniel Abraham

So it happened like this.  A few years back I was at Walter Jon Williams’ Rio Hondo Workshop with Catherynne Valente.  Now I’d just read her Orphan’s Tales books, and had been delighted and blown away.  Structurally there were (and are) some of the prettiest, most elegant books I’ve ever seen.  Reading them was like watching some gorgeous clockwork move through a predetermined and unpredictable course.  I’m a hard sell for books these days, but I loved those.  Working with […]

Another Terrible Idea in Free Verse

by Daniel Abraham

The attacks are inevitable and insure its survival whatever the paperwork shows whatever the paperwork shows.   Below all the mudslinging lies a real divide We’re falling behind whatever the paperwork shows whatever the paperwork shows.   Half-truths and weak arguments whatever the paperwork shows what the numbers show whatever the paperwork shows. Four Pinocchios.   (All phrases in the above doggerel are taken directly from a Fareed Zakaria article and remixed, mostly as an in-joke with a former editor of […]

Where in the World is Daniel Abraham?

by Daniel Abraham

I’m going to be at Bubonicon in Albuquerque and Worldcon in Chicago by the end of the month.  If any of y’all are in the vicinity, here’s what it looks like: BUBONICON: Friday, August 24: 7:30 PM  55 Minutes with Daniel Abraham (Reading) 9:30 PM  PUMP UP THE VOLUME: WRITING BIG SCIENCE FICTION: D Abraham, M Cassutt, B Sanderson, WJ Williams. Moderator: S.M. Stirling Saturday, August 25: 10 AM Panel # 8 – THE BUCKET LIST OF BOOKS FOR BEGINNERS D Abraham, […]

Graveyard Child

by Daniel Abraham

Psst.  Want to see the new MLN Hanover cover art?

New Clarkesworld article up

by Daniel Abraham

“There’s a puzzle I don’t know the answer to, but the more I look around for it, the more I see it. Most of the time, it’s amusing. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me. So, funny story. Back in 1998, I was at Clarion West. One of my classmates turned in a story about a woman who worked from home, writing up recipes for the local newspaper. The essential problem in the story was that the protagonist’s dog […]


by Daniel Abraham

Going to Readercon? So will I! The Short List of What Daniel’s Up To (quoted from the Readercon program guide, which also has all the cool stuff that I’m not personally doing, and is worth looking over, right?): THURSDAY: 9:00 PM G Why Is Realistic Fiction Useful? Daniel Abraham, Nathan Ballingrud, Grant C. Carrington, Liz Gorinsky (leader), Alexander Jablokov. In a 2011 blog post, Harry Connolly wrote, “If I want to understand the horrors of war, the pain of divorce, […]

Sword and Laser: Leviathan Wakes Book Club

by Daniel Abraham

Sword and Laser

Caliban Released

by Daniel Abraham

Well, the fact of the matter is, it’s been getting shipped for about a week, but today was the official release for Caliban’s War. Thus far, the response has been mostly positive: “Compelling characters and a plot that combines political intrigue with military sf create a memorable story that begs for film adaptation.” — Library Journal “The characters, many familiar from before, grow as the story expands; tension mounts, action explodes and pages turn relentlessly.” — Kirkus “This breakneck tale […]