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The Dogs Project: Part Eight

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? The downtown streets were thick with bodies, each one moving through its own peculiar path, its own life.  Charlie hunched down into his clothes, hands in his pockets, and head bowed trying to seem like one of them.  Trying to seem normal.  And maybe he was.  Maybe the thick-bellied man with the navy blue suit and gold tie was just as worried about seeming strange.  Maybe the woman driving past in her minivan had the […]

Dogs Project: Part Seven

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? “You’re looking for a dog?” The man behind the counter seemed amused, but Chartlie couldn’t guess why.  Outside, the street traffic was thick.  Cars and busses and pedestrians locked in the perpetual daily struggle of lunchtime at the edge of the business district.  Inside the pet shop, birds shrieked and complained and puppies yapped.  The display cages ran down the wall, little rooms the size of closets with stainless steel bowls for food and water, […]

Malice, Rape, and the Curry Rule

by Daniel Abraham

So, because of a few conversations and at least one dreadful and graceless shouting match I’ve been having and/or spectating one place and another online, I’ve been thinking more about my idiosyncratic attitude toward writing about sexual assault and its aftermath.  (And, yeah, poking along on the Dogs Project is part of that.) I tried to make my position clear way back when I posted about why I was consciously not including rape in my urban fantasy series, but I […]

The Dogs Project: Part Six

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? Back home, Charlie sat at the little kitchen table for a long time, his hands on his thighs.  His mind felt empty and raw.  Sandblasted.  Dickens didn’t come near, didn’t press his nose into Charlie’s lap.  Instead, he curled up on the couch where he wasn’t supposed to be and looked away.  The sun shifted, the angles of the shadows growing thinner, the light turning darker and red.  Near sundown, Charlie became aware that his […]

The Dogs Project: Part Five

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? The week passed slowly, old patterns slowly remaking themselves in slightly altered forms.  He took himself to the lunch bar at the side of the fancy steakhouse across from the office.  Meetings became more and more comprehensible as he put together what he’d missed during his time in hospital.  His still-healing wounds bothered him less; he found ways to move and sit and stretch that worked with the new limitations of his body.  Every morning […]

The Dogs Project: Part Four

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? “Hey,” Adam said.  “Sorry about that.” “Well.  Can’t say you didn’t warn me.” “They mean well.” “I know,” Charlie said.  “And I appreciate the thought, it’s just . . .” “Yeah.” Adam stood, neither in the room nor out, his expression friendly.  The moment stretched just a little too long.  If Charlie wasn’t looking to talk, it wasn’t an invitation.  If he did want to, then it was. “They didn’t find them,” Charlie said.  “The […]

The Dogs Project: Part Three

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? The effort of going home exhausted him.  The effort of being home.  Charlie had spent weeks in his new nightmare life, and all his things waited for him, unchanged.  It was like walking into his room in his parents’ house and finding all his things from high school still where he’d left them.  The artifacts of a previous life. Adam had stacked the mail neatly on the dining table.  Charlie sat there, his new aluminum […]

The Dogs Project: Part Two

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? [NOTE FROM THE MANAGEMENT: The scene following this is part of a horror story.  It’s violent, unpleasant, and possibly triggering.  You have my permission to skip it.] It had happened on the walk from his apartment to the bus stop.  The morning air was clean and crisp.  The leaves of the trees still held the rich green of summer, but the morning chill was autumn clearing its throat.  Running late, Charlie trotted along the familiar […]

The Dogs Project: Part One

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project?   “Well, you’ve used a lot less morphine today,” the nurse said, tapping the feed with his thumbnail.  “Keep this up, Charlie, and we’ll have you out of here by the weekend.” “Go dancing,” Charlie joked. “That’s the spirit, my man.” The nurse adjusted something in the suite of machines beside the bed, and the low, chiming alert stopped for the first time in an hour.  The sounds of the hospital came in to fill […]

The Dogs Project: Outline

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? I have this thing about wordcount.  Anyone who’s worked with me can tell you about it.  It’s idiosyncratic, and usually when people find out how it works, they start looking at me funny.  But for outlining a story, it’s a wonderful little kink to have. Usually, I can do something in about 750 to 1000 words.  The way I’m thinking about Dogs, it’s probably a novelette which puts it anywhere between 7500 and 17500 words. […]