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Toward a taxonomy of the thirteen races (A Dagger and Coin Joint)

by Daniel Abraham

Fantasy races, but not like this. With the advanced readers copies of The Dragon’s Path coming out, folks have pointed out that it might be nice to have a primer for the different races.  Who am I to disagree, right?  So here you go. Racism in fantasy’s an interesting thing, because having an entirely created world, it becomes possible — in fact necessary — to exoticise the other without excluding any real human beings or cultures from the wide and […]

Blake Nails It

by Daniel Abraham

Blake Charlton has written what is to my mind the best analysis ever of an author struggling with strong women characters. In summary, yeah, like that.

Hurt Me by MLN Hanover

by Daniel Abraham

Podcastle has just put up probably the best short story I’ve written.  Other people may like other stuff I’ve done better, and that’s cool.  But personally — privately — this one just makes me smug. There’s a story about this story.  It’s not actually mine. What happened was Ty had this idea for a story, and we used it as the example when we had this conversation about plot structure.  We talked about how the scenes could build one on […]

Killing Rites

by Daniel Abraham

There is that beautiful moment when the manuscript is finished and before you go to bed, when it is the best book ever written.  So deeply felt and emotionally honest that it shines above everything else you’ve done and everything you’re going to do. You sleep, and by the time you wake up, it’ll be crap again.  But that one sweet moment when it’s great?  Oh, it’s a nice one. Mmmm. So yeah.  That was fun.  Break’s over now.  Heading […]

No, Really Not A Freaking Game

by Daniel Abraham

One of the real joys of living where I do is the number of really first class authors who are in easy driving distance.  For almost a decade, I was in a critique group that included (just to name the top sellers) Walter Jon Williams, S. M. Stirling, Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Tregillis.  I’ve gotten to see books by each of them grow from an idea into a book, or sometimes series of books. I was there when we planned out […]

The No Longer Secret Project Considered

by Daniel Abraham

So, as I said before, the cat’s out of the bag. Most of my work writing comic books and graphic novels has been adaptation work, and specifically adapting George.  I started off with the Fevre Dream project for Avatar Press and moved on to an adaptation of George’s novella Skin Trade (also for Avatar, but not yet penciled).  I did a six-issue story in the Wild Cards universe which has just some into print after being rescued from obscurity by […]

Secret Project Revealed

by Daniel Abraham

Well, after. Months of waiting to announce it, the moment comes when I’m connected to the world through a smartphone. I’ll talk about it in more detail tonight, but A Song of Ice and Fire is going to be a comic book, and I’m adapting the scripts. More at:

We’re back!

by Daniel Abraham

As folks may have noticed, the site’s been down for a few days while the brilliant team over at Orbit redecorated for us. I’m sure we’ve got some fine tuning to do over the next few weeks, but I’ve got to tell you, the joint looks pretty spiffy to me. And in celebration, we’ve got the first full-length review of The Dragon’s Path. All in all, not a bad day.

What the internet was made for?

by Ty Franck

Overweight middle aged white guys talking about space ships. The only thing that saves this is that we have the incomparable Carrie Vaughn doing the interview, and she is neither middle aged, nor overweight, nor a guy. Leviathan Wakes Interview part 1 Leviathan Wakes Interview part 2 Leviathan Wakes Interview part 3 Go watch us natter on.

Video Killed The Radio Star

by Daniel Abraham

The fine folks at Orbit got me to talk to a camera for a while. And I hardly look like a serial killer at all. On The Dragon’s Path: On Good and Evil: On Character: