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Dragon’s Path and Killing Rites and… and… and…

by Daniel Abraham

Just a couple bits of news: 1 ) Your friend and mine MLN Hanover is spending the next couple three days finishing up the first draft of Killing Rites.  It will officially be turned in to the publisher (along with a pitch for the next couple books) by this time next week.  Woo hoo!  This one’s been harder than the last ones, but I’m tickled with how it’s coming out.  And I get to play with a character whose company […]

A Surreal Life, Revisited

by Ty Franck

The TCA holds an annual press tour where Networks present their new shows to the critics.  These presentations often take the form of a clip show followed by a panel. Along with the other networks, HBO was there to present its new shows, and wouldn’t you know it, but my boss’s new show was on the list. So I go to Hollywood for just under a week as part of a celebrity entourage.  Surrealism commences. To begin with, everything is […]

Checking In

by Ty Franck

My partner in crime notified me that I’d taken too long an absence from the blog, and people were probably assuming I’d died. Possibly in a closet with no pants on and something wrapped around my neck. I have not died, especially like that. I have an update coming on my surreal life in which I discuss what it’s like to accompany a major writing celebrity on a Hollywood media frenzy. It also include my thoughts on the Rolls Royce […]

Nothing to report

by Daniel Abraham

I have been to Los Angeles.  I have spoken to producers and managers.  I have eaten a $22 bagel that someone else paid for.  I have been in an elevator with a cut crystal chandelier.  Some people I shall not name are reading Leviathan Wakes and the first three Black Sun’s Daughter books. Chances are that nothing will come of it, but it won’t be because we didn’t put a chip on the table.  I am, from one perspective, a […]

Balfour & Meriwether

by Daniel Abraham

Two bits of news: 1) Balfour & Meriwether in the Adventure of the Emperor’s Vengeance is now available from your friends and mine at Podcastle. 2) Balfour & Meriwether in The Vampire of Kabul has sold to Subterranean. 3) There appears a non-zero chance of a Balfour & Meriwether novella sometime next year. It appears I may have a hobby.

A few things vicious and graceful

by Daniel Abraham

Vicious Grace has been out for about a month now, and there are a few more reviews: Urban Fantasy Investigations,  Bibliopunkk, Book Series Reviews, Single Titles, Night Owl Paranormal, Romance Books Forum, Flamingnet (with particularly nifty emoticon summation), a bunch of opinion at GoodReads, and — of course — it’s been Klausnered. *And* my very good friend from across the aisle, Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has been so kind as to post an excerpt. Two bits of carry-home wisdom: […]

100 Aspects of Genre: Story v. Sentence

by Daniel Abraham

A couple of years ago, I had a very pleasant dinner with (among others) THE Sodomite Hal Duncan, a delightful and brilliant gentleman and good dinner conversation besides.  We had a polite disagreement that has come up again recently, and I find myself reviewing my position in the conversation we had back then and amending my position (without actually going so far as to embrace his).  The subject was whether text and meaning were separable.  This is the kind of […]

*Now* We’ve Got Cover Art

by Daniel Abraham

If y’all have been following the blog, you may recall that a preliminary cover for the new epic fantasy The Dragon’s Path got leaked a while back.  I had it up for a few minutes, then took it back down.  Well the real deal is now among us.  Check it out:

Leviathan Wept and Other Stories almost gone…

by Daniel Abraham

I am informed by reliable sources that my collection of short stories Leviathan Wept and Other Stories has under fifty copies left unsold.  It’s got some of my best short work in it, including one done as an assignment by Catherynne Valente which isn’t available anywhere else.  Plus which, seriously, check out this cover art: Seriously, folks.  If you were waiting, this is it.  I don’t expect it to be reprinted, and there’s some stuff in here you won’t find […]

Writers Talk About Urban Fantasy 12/05/10

by Daniel Abraham

Writers Talk About Urban Fantasy 12/05/10. MLN Hanover, Carrie Vaughn, and Seanan McGuire talking about urban fantasy with Gillian Polack.