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MLN on UF: The Anonymous Interview

by Daniel Abraham

So I talked about rape and urban fantasy, and — as is often the case — not everyone agreed with me.  As if often the case, I learned some things I hadn’t known, specifically that there are a *lot* more explicit rapes in UF than I’d been aware of.  That’s making me review and revise my thesis, but it hasn’t yet changed my mind. A few years ago, I was at a worldcon with Walter Mosley.  He was talking about […]

Cool Hunting 11/3/10

by Daniel Abraham

1) Vicious Grace is reviewed.  Roxanne didn’t hate it. 2) Election postmortem:  The American Conservative is unimpressed.  “During the last few months, I have been reading the argument that angry Americans want to restore some measure of justice and order in society so that rewards go to the deserving and failures are not bailed out. It is a significant problem that the chosen method to express this anger has been to reward the undeserving and promote the failures.” 3) 4) […]

We Got Cover Art (and more stuff too)

by Daniel Abraham

Your friends and mine at Orbit have announced the official release of the Leviathan Wakes cover.  And nifty new wallpaper too!  Lo, I am spiffed. Ty would be spiffed too, but he’s traveling to exotic locations and having adventures.  I think it says something about our relative characters that his travel-related injuries involved a drunken race with a professional stunt man down a night-darkened road in Morocco while mine was food poisoning in Denver.

MileHiCon 2010, or That Which Does Not Kill Me

by Daniel Abraham

Sadly, much of a glorious weekend has been scrubbed away by what followed.  I shall do my best to reconstruct. As best I can recall, I arrived in Denver Thursday night.  Ty and Melinda Snodgrass and I had made the trip — Ty and myself starting from Albuquerque and meeting up with Melinda in Santa Fe.  The drive up was pleasant enough, or so it seems through the veil of history.  Little did I know . . . Friday began […]

Steampunk is . . .

by Daniel Abraham

The Mad Hatter has asked us to define the indefinite.  For my money, Cherie Priest nailed it although oddly in the Lou Anders section, not in her own answer.  I think that’s a little like bowling a strike in the next fella’s lane.

On the Road Again

by Daniel Abraham

We’re off to MileHiCon.  I’ll drop y’all a note if anything interesting happens.

100 Aspects of Genre: Learning from the Dead and the Dying

by Daniel Abraham

I did say before that this was, intellectually speaking, a work in progress. In thinking about genre, the thing I struggle with the most is that it doesn’t exist.  Genre can’t exist within any given project or any given author.  To the degree that it’s anything at all, it’s a relationship between individual projects, individual authors, and individual books.  When I say China Mieville is New Weird rather than Urban Fantasy, I’m not actually saying anything about Perdido Street Station […]

Call for Questions

by Daniel Abraham

So as part of the MileHiCon festivities next week, Ty and I (in our James S. A. Corey drag) are going to be interviewed by Carrie Vaughn on video. We’ve got the camera and the set up and the time and all those things, but I’m a little shy on ideas to hand to Carrie.  Knowing the three of us, it’s entirely possible that the entire interview will be about Firefly, Invader Zim, and exactly how you’d do a crossover […]

Horror as cultural window

by Ty Franck

As it relates to his recent post on Urban Fantasy, Daniel has asked me to talk a bit about straight horror.  Now Daniel has read a fair bit of horror, and has written Flat Diane, one of the better horror short stories of the last decade or so and a Horror Guild Award winner.  But he’s less into horror films, and that’s where my expertise lies.  And, by expertise, I mean watching all of them and obsessing over the tiny […]

Cool Hunting 10/13/10

by Daniel Abraham has The Weird Room (thankyew Metafilter) The Occult World of Dr. Strange Makes as much sense as any other occultism. Because some things are basic. Interspecies Play Behavior (soccer) AND Hand dancing for the masses.