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The Expanse PICKED UP at SYFY

by Daniel Abraham

So The Expanse has been picked up for a 10-episode season by Syfy on the strength of an amazing script by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.  Not shooting a pilot, commitment to a full season. We have a *great* team, and they’re only getting better. Things are going to get interesting right about now

Countdown to Honor Among Thieves (Full of Sith edition)

by Daniel Abraham

If anyone has the impulse to hear me and Ty talking about Star Wars in greater detail, you have the first of several opportunities right now.

Oh hey! I have a blog.

by Daniel Abraham

So you know that dream where you forgot to go to class all semester, and then you have to go take the final?  My relationship with the blog has been kind of like that.  I wound up getting on Twitter and Facebook, and then the whole updating the blog thing totally fell apart.  So. let’s see…  where to we stand, where do we stand… Han Solo If y’all are keeping track at home, you’ll recall James SA Corey wrote a […]

News and trivia

by Daniel Abraham

First off, there’s a contest over at for a copy of the new Balfour & Meriwether novella.  And free stuff is cool.  So that. Second, no, I haven’t seen the script that Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have written for the first episode of The Expanse.  But I believe it exists… Third, I’ve been having a lot of really interesting conversations about a cool new secret project .  More information as less secrecy. And finally, this:

Promises, threats, and building a series: Random thoughts on Dragon Age and Korra

by Daniel Abraham

So I’ll get back to work in a minute here, but I was thinking about why I didn’t watch Korra tonight.  The kid was here.  There are new episodes.  We’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender about a gajillion times start to finish.  And Korra . . . yeah.  It’s pretty good.  I love the aesthetics of it.  I love the new Avatar who is totally not Ang.  I love having something with a strong female lead that I can show […]

Some news, and our new bestest pals

by Ty Franck

So, Alcon entertainment did a press release about their development of an Expanse TV show, written by me and Daniel’s new pals, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.                 You can read the press release at the Variety website here. So, yeah, this is what Daniel and I have been working on and shutting ourselves off from the world for.  We’re pretty excited to be working with these guys.  THEY INVENTED AGENT COULSON!!!!

Seriously, we know

by Ty Franck

We’ve been falling down on the job here on the blog for a while, but we’re working on some stuff that will make Expanse fans very happy.  We promise, next week we’ll have some stuff to talk about.  Thanks for your patience.  Daniel owes you the flaky pastry of your choice next time you see him.   In the meantime, look at this thing an amazing fan set up.

Well look what I found on the Internet

by Daniel Abraham

San Diego Comic Con

by Daniel Abraham

We are in San Diego along with George RR Martin, Diana Rowland, Jay Lake, and apparently everyone else in the freaking world. So that’s cool. If you’re one of our fellow attendees, my schedule looks like:   Thursday: 2 pm:  Daniel Abraham signing at the Orbit booth in the exhibitor’s hall Friday: 2:30: Epic Fantasy panel (24ABC) Daniel, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb, Raymond Feist, Django Wexler, Melissa de la Cruz, and Christopher Paolini as herded by Colleen Lindsay.  Wish her […]

Best Fan Art Ever

by Daniel Abraham

Fan art by Expanse fan, freelance translator, and artist Dana Berube.