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Locus Awards

by Ty Franck

Looks like Daniel and I will be hitting the Locus Awards show this year, after our surprising Best SF Novel nomination.  If you’re in the Seattle area during the event, let us know.  We’re always up for hanging out in a bar.

And a huge thank you to anyone who voted for  us.  We are humbled by the support we’re getting.  I mean, I was humble anyway, but Daniel could have used a little more humbling, and boy is he getting it with all this support, so thanks.


Daniel will NOT be there, as he’s teaching a writing class that weekend.  So it’s just me in the bar.


A Dribble of Historical Accuracy ‘n’ stuff

by Daniel Abraham

If y’all are interested in it, I have a post up on A Dribble of Ink about historical accuracy and epic fantasy.  I am, at best, skeptical.

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by Ty Franck

Publishing is changing.  It used to be that the normal publication cycle was a hardcover release, followed by a mass market paperback.  Our publisher is Orbit, for the Expanse series and Daniel’s Dagger and Coin.  In the US, they do a simultaneous release of trade paperbacks and ebooks, with no hardcover release.   Ebooks are killing the mass market paperback, as they take the role of the disposable book.  Trade paperbacks don’t suffer from the frankly stupid stripping returns rules that mass markets do, so they make more sense for physical copies.  And hardcovers are expensive and are less likely to be impulse buys.

All that being said, though, there are people who just like hardcovers.   If you are one of those people, and would really like a hardcover of Leviathan Wakes, the only place to get it (right now) is the venerable Science Fiction Book Club.  I have two hardcover copies of Leviathan Wakes that I bought through the book club, and they look great.  The club is also going to be releasing hardcover editions of Caliban’s War, so if you want a matching set, they’re the place to go.


The Dogs Project: Two More Critiques (and a final status update)

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dog’s Project?

Okay, a couple more critiques have rolled in, which I will share with you now.

First, from New York Times bestelling urban fantasy author Carrie Vaughn:


I read your blogs posts, but not the story as you were posting it, any more than a skim-through.  I also skimmed the two critiques that went up, but only after I read the story myself.  So I know what you said you were doing with this, and the overall project and such.  I have a feeling my reading might have been different if I hadn’t known — the metaphor was foregrounded for me because I knew about it, but I imagine it’s like Christianity in Narnia.  If you don’t know to look for it, it’s not as clear.  That’s where I’m at.

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Found in the Daily Find

by Daniel Abraham

It’s a short-time sale, but your friends and mine at Barnes and Noble are making the ebook version of Dragon’s Path their Daily Find today.  That means you can get the book for a big $2.99 AND it’s got a copy of the Hugo nominated Leviathan Wakes along with it as an extra.

Or if you’re a Kindle aficionado, you can grab it at the same price from Amazon.

Thing is, it’s a one-day sale.  So tell your friends and neighbors that if they’ve been thinking about Dragon’s Path or just want to get a jump on their Hugo reading, this here’s your big chance.

The blog will now return to its less obviously advertisey content.  (grin)

UPDATE:  iTunes has also followed suit.


Well, Here’s A Thing That Happened

by Daniel Abraham

So funny thing.  The Hugo nominations for best novel?  Yeah, take a look:

A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin

Embassytown by China Mieville

Among Others by Jo Walton

Deadline by Mira Grant

Leviathan Wakes by James S A Corey

So yeah.  This is where I normally say something sort of glib and understated, but even though I’ve known about this for a while, the truth is, I’m still a little gobsmacked.  I’m pleased and humbled to be nominated, and being on a list with these folks is more than I had imagined or hoped for.  So.  Yeah.  That.

For the folks who nominated Leviathan Wakes, thank you all so much, and Ty and I are really glad you liked the book.  For those of you who haven’t read the book and are going to Worldcon this year, we will be working with your friends and mine at Orbit to get the book in the packet.  I hope y’all get a chance to read all the nominees — they’re damn good books, all of ’em — and vote your conscience.

I’m going to go gibber quietly in a corner for a while.


Countdown to The King’s Blood

by Daniel Abraham

The Dagger and the Coin, Book 2

Every age had left its mark here, every generation growing on the ruins of the old until the earth below the dark-​cobbled streets was not soil, but the wreckage of what had come before. It was a city of black and gold, of wealth and desperate poverty. Its walls rose around it like a boast of invulnerability, and its noble quarters displayed great mansions and towers and temples casually, as if the grandeur was trivial, normal, and mundane. Had Camnipol been a knight, he would have worn black-​enameled armor and a cloak of fine-​worked wool. Had it been a woman, she would have been too handsome to look away from and too intimidating to speak with. Instead, it was a city, and it was Camnipol.

Your friends and mine at Orbit have posted an excerpt from my upcoming novel The King’s Blood.  Check it out, if you’re of a mind.

The whole book is due to hit shelf May 22nd, and the early reviews suggest some folks might kind of like it.


Daniel’s First Clarkesworld Article: Reading as Performance

by Daniel Abraham

So I’ve scored a bi-monthly column with your friends and mine at Hugo-winning semiprozine Clarkesworld under the title Another Word.  The first one has gone live.

I came to the same conclusion that all authors reach: the reviewers who liked me are intelligent, deep-souled bastions of wisdom, and the ones who didn’t are a bunch of weak-brained punks. Mystery solved.

But here’s the thing. Once the initial emotional rush plays out and my amygdala calms back down to its natural state, I start to think that maybe something else is going on here. That maybe I’ve misunderstood what reading is.

If you’re of a mind, take a look.  And if you’d like to weigh in, please consider commenting there so my new bosses can see what folks are thinking.


Some Big News About The Expanse

by Daniel Abraham

Coming soon to a shelf, or possibly e-reader, near you.

Worldcon last year was, y’all may recall, in Reno.  So not long after Ty turned to me and asked which of us had thought driving from Albuquerque to Reno would be a good idea, we got on to the final outline of the third book, then called Dandelion Sky, now retitled Abaddon’s Gate (not related to Warhammer 40,000, but thanks for asking).  And the big question was this:  is this it?  Is the whole show over?  It was weirdly melancholy to have Leviathan Wakes just out, Caliban’s War edited and turned in, and be looking at the end of the project.

Well, funny thing about that…

Your friends and mine at Orbit have signed on for the three more Expanse books that we’d hoped they’d take and surprised us by asking for five novellas (!!) in the same universe to go along with them.  So the big arc story that we only hoped to tell when we started Leviathan Wakes is going to get told.

And a couple weeks ago, Ty came up with the last line of the last book.  I can’t tell y’all how much I’m looking forward to reading this.


With thanks to Ben Rosenbaum

by Daniel Abraham

who pointed me toward it.



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